Four Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Engagement Photo Shoot

Four Tips and Tricks to Nail Your Engagement Photo Shoot

You’ve found your dream partner, the person you want to spend forever with. You and your partner shopped around for rings, hopefully sustainably like VRAI engagement rings, and have made a lifelong commitment to each other. Before you can start planning the details of your wedding, like choosing your perfect venue, finding your dress, or setting the date, you need to take engagement photos. Once you have your stunning photos returned to you, you can send out your “Save the Date” and plan when and where you’ll say your “I do’s.”

While taking engagement photos can be incredibly fun and exciting, and your end result will be beautiful photos capturing your love that you’ll look back on and cherish forever, the process can also be intimidating due to exactly that permanence. Maybe you’re worried that you aren’t photogenic, you don’t know what theme best captures you and your partner, or you can’t picture the right setting. Whatever your concerns are, we have four tips and tricks that guarantee you’ll nail your engagement photoshoot. If you’re ready to get the photos of your dreams, keep reading!

  1. Speak to Your Photographer in Advance

Because you want your engagement photos to go off without a hitch (and your photographer does, too!), talk with them ahead of time about your vision. If you’re not sure what you’re picturing, giving your photographer a chance to meet you and your partner and see how you interact is one of the best ways for them to suggest ideas. Talk about details like the time of day, how long you’ll be shooting for, where you’ll go to take photos, and if there are any photo aesthetics you love. This pre-shoot conversation will really help ensure that everything goes smoothly on photo day. 

  1. Choose a Special Location

One of your big questions about your engagement shoot is likely the location. Select a location that is going to look stunning as a background, but also try to go somewhere that holds meaning for you and your partner. Whether it’s somewhere you’ve gone together before, a place that you’ve always talked about visiting together, or even just somewhere that captures the seasonal or aesthetic qualities you both love, these are all great options for locations because they say something about who you and your fiance are as a pair. 

On another note, why limit yourself to just one location? You can often arrange with your photographer beforehand that you’ll move between two different nearby locations on your engagement photo day.

  1. Coordinate Your Outfits

Make sure you and your partner wear outfits that complement each other and the location. For example, if you’re shooting on a beach, you don’t want to be bundled up in heavy layers but probably want to wear lightweight, flowy pieces (and maybe even go barefoot). In the same way, make sure you and your fiance’s colors and styles work together. 

And whether you decide to split your time between two locations or not, it’s always smart to plan out two sets of outfits so you have a more diverse variety of photos at the end of the day. Couples often decide to change from a more dressy to a more casual outfit throughout the shoot, as this shows both sides of their personalities and gives them a wider range of photo styles. 

  1. Give Yourself Time

As you’ve already pre-arranged with your photographer, know the kind of timeframe you’re dedicating to your engagement photoshoot. Don’t rush through your photos or stress about getting the right shots, but rather know that you’ve scheduled enough time to have fun with it! Inside your timeframe, you’ll need space to change clothes and maybe also locations. Generally, engagement shoots last between two and three hours, which is ample time for photo magic to happen. To keep the romantic mood going, schedule your engagement shoot on a day when you and your partner can spend the whole day or night together; this way, you’ll always look back fondly on the experience as a whole.

5. Learn Photo Editing

What if you want to change the background of a picture? Or what if you want to change the filters? The only way you can personalize your photos according to your personal needs is by learning how to edit them. Boosting your editing skills doesn’t require you to spend a lot of time and effort. You can make picture clear easily with online tools even if you don’t have time to install “full-fledged editing software” on your PC.


Preparing for your engagement photo shoot is exciting and momentous, but it can also feel daunting if you don’t know where to begin, especially if you’re already feeling slightly overwhelmed with wedding planning details. These four tips and tricks are the perfect way for you to have a seamless engagement shoot and receive gorgeous pictures that you’ll keep forever. As long as every part of your engagement shoot captures you, from your ring to your favorite color scheme to, of course, having your amazing partner by your side, everything will be just right. 

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