Find Your Fragrances on Scentbird!

Find Your Fragrances on Scentbird!

Exploring the Website

If you can’t decide what perfume scent you like best and want to explore, find your fragrances on Scentbird! Scentbird is a perfume subscription website where each month you can test out designer fragrances and find what you love. All of their samples are completely authentic and provided by authorized vendors. The website itself is super user-friendly and offers the option of queuing scents for your subscription. You can search for different perfumes and colognes based on scent type, occasion, personality, fragrance family, and season. The website is super aesthetic and shows fragrances that are used in different bottles with great imagery.

Scent Profile Quiz

If you are just getting started and want to find a fragrance to queue, I recommend taking their online quiz that helps you build a scent profile! On the quiz they ask if you are looking for more feminine or masculine fragrance. Next, they ask what kind of scents you are most drawn towards, whether that’s warm, sophisticated, fresh, or sporty. Then, you pick what kind of mood and vibe you are going for. The final question is how you want that perfume to make you feel, whether it is mysterious, casual, adventurous, etc.

Horoscope Scent Match

What is even better is that right now, for the month of October, they created a horoscope scent match! All of the fragrances correspond with the spooky season vibe and your star sign, as well as offer a horoscope reading. If you are an Aries like myself, you will want to try out the Confessions of a Rebel Bite Me perfume. Marina Ljubisavljevic shares, since Mars goes into retrograde later this month, which usually affects an Aries’ self-perception, a focus on pleasures is essential. This perfume gives off a pleasure-focused and spooky season energy by combining apple and strawberry, with vanilla and jasmine. This perfume is a perfect balance of seduction and confidence.

Start your subscription and find your spooky season perfume and colognes!

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