The Curve Launches PediCurve Solar on Indiegogo, Bringing Green Tech to Personal Pampering

The Curve Launches PediCurve Solar on Indiegogo, Bringing Green Tech to Personal Pampering

Today, PediCurve Solar, a solar-powered pedicure device featuring glass filing
discs, launched with a pre-order campaign on Indiegogo. Inspired by growing consciousness
around the environmental impacts of the health and beauty industries, The Curve improved
upon its successful flagship product to incorporate solar charging.
As people turn away from single-use or limited-use products, the beauty industry needs
solutions that don’t sacrifice on quality and integrate into eco-conscious lifestyles. While other
devices may entice customers with economical entry prices, many require regular replacing of
rollers or other accessories.

PediCurve Solar is a Danish-designed, eco-friendly pedicure device that leaves feet soft and
smooth. Patented PediGlass discs remove the need for harsh scrubbing devices or rollers. A
rough disc removes hard skin and calluses without scrubbing or scraping. A smooth disc
refreshes the skin leaving a fresh and radiant finish. Waste is minimized with PediCurve Solar
as there are no rollers or batteries to replace and throw away.
Pedicures are one of the most common services offered at salons across the United States.
They also serve therapeutic and medical purposes. With more than 54,000 salons and 18,000
podiatrists practicing in the United States, the demand for quality solutions is high. As more
people look for at-home solutions that provide professional results, PediCurve Solar is the
device consumers need.

“Taking care of our feet is a necessity, but it doesn’t have to be costly,” said Roberto Machuca,
inventor of PediCurve Solar. “Our patented technology combined with solar charging has
resulted in the best pedicure device on the market.”

PediCurve Solar features an ergonomic design that is comfortable in the hand. Each PediGlass
disc is designed to last years. No expensive replacement parts. It’s designed to gently remove
hard skin, and as such, must be used in wet conditions like the bath or shower.

PediCurve Solar is available to pre-order starting at XX by visiting

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