7 Beauty + Skincare Products To Try in July

7 Beauty + Skincare Products To Try in July

I think we can all agree everyone deserves some self-care and products that’ll help them feel good in their own skin! Below we have listed a handful of our current faves that we are currently loving. From hair towels to mascara to skincare devices, we’ve got you covered.



New Zealand brand re.skin is clearing the clutter and toxicity of your beauty routine with clean solutions that harness science, nature and more importantly, less steps for you to follow. Afterall, it’s your skin, but you shouldn’t have to do all the work. The multiple active ingredients used in this line are all scientifically validated to yield effective anti-aging results. Experience locally-sourced oils and the hero ingredient from down under, sustainably-sourced New Zealand Marine Collagen. re.skin features a two-step system that comes sleekly packaged yet eco-friendly.

Price: $118

My Little Mascara Cub 

Made With 90% natural ingredients, this little mascara won’t flake, clump, smudge and washes off with water only. It’ll easily become your favorite mascara that you can use daily or keep in your purse. The little mascara gets its name from its size – a little bottle means a short wand that’s easier to use and the special brush fits your lash line like a glove — making it easier to apply the mascara to your lower lashes. Choose from gift sets or a subscription box to order.

Price: Starting at $9



Everyone wants to get rid of pimples – especially as many of us are getting outside after being in quarantine for 3 months! Kidskin, an affordable skincare line targeting preteens and teens, (all ages can use it) makes all their formulas in the USA including their popular SPF 30 broad-spectrum sunscreen. Made with safe and effective ingredients like tea tree and salicylic acid, their skincare line is becoming a fan favorite. No parabens, no gluten, no fragrance, vegan and cruelty free. Safely remove dirt and excess oil with the 3-Step Acne Kit which is the perfect starter to get rid of zits – comes with a cleanser, toner and moisturizer.

Price: Varies


VOLO Beauty Hero Hair Towel 

When it comes to taking great care of your hair, towel drying is often the most important. Wet hair is vulnerable hair, and a traditional bath towel causes hair breakage and tugs on your scalp as you rough dry your hair. The VOLO Hero is here to change that. The microfiber material is soft and plush, making it extremely absorbent and much gentler on your locks and decreases dry time by 50% by removing more water than other towels. Our snag-free grippy strap ensures your towel will stay tucked into place – no more wobbling to the side or falling off completely. Simply wrap your hair up, tuck under the strap, leave up as long as you please and continue conquering the world. A time-saver, a hair health savior, and an essential addition to your hair-care routine.

Price: $39.00

Evidence Skincare (ESK)

Formulated using key active ingredients, ESK’s products provide visible results in anti-aging and in improving skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, and pigmentation. Not sure what skin care is right for you? Evidence Skincare has a helpful skin quiz to help identify your skin type and to match the right products and ingredients. The end result is a customized to help each individual achieve bright, healthy skin.

Price: Varies


FOREO is not your traditional beauty company. The launch of the UFO smart mask device transformed the world of face masks, turning daily routines into pampering rituals. And there’s more to come. For a few moments every day, UFO whisks you away into a world all your own with technology that delivers stunning results while also providing an indulgent

experience for the senses. UFO’s Hyper-Infusion Technology uses your skin’s natural reactions to heat and cold as well as signature T-Sonic pulsations to

ensure you get the most out of every mask treatment. A gentle heat relaxes, soothes and revitalizes mind and body. As UFO gradually warms in Thermo-Therapy mode, it infuses active mask ingredients into skin, making them more effective in less time. Savor every moment of a soothing facial massage, while this patented technology boosts absorption of active mask ingredients and leaves you with radiant, healthy-looking skin. Yes. Please.

Price: Varies

Formula 10.0.6

Created by a Chemist in 1933, Formula 10.0.6 is an iconic and credible skin care brand trusted to perfect troublesome young skin. Designed with a vibrant sense of style, Formula 10.0.6 has a unique youthful confidence that is warm, friendly and fun. The popular brand (sold at ULTA) offers an honest and uncomplicated approach to skin care, created for achievable complexion perfection. Products are formulated with a familiar mix of botanicals to deliver a range of accessible, effective and easy to use products to promote clear and healthy skin.

Price: $10.00+

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