How To Create A Luxury Pedicure At-Home With These 9 Products

How To Create A Luxury Pedicure At-Home With These 9 Products

Even though nail salons are still not open for everyone, your feet still need some love.  With everything from bath bombs for your feet, lavender-scented lotion, vegan nail polish, and more, I wanted to share a list of items that will help everyone create a luxurious, yet affordable pedicure experience from home.


Dionis Goat Milk Foot Fizzies

Price: $10.00

These goat milk foot fizzies are mini bath bombs for your feet.  Goat milk is blended with organic sunflower oil, sun-dried sea salt, peppermint, spearmint, tea tree and Lavender essential oils to soothe your tired feet and while the oils soften your skin.  Simply drop one bath bomb into a large bowl of warm water and soak your feet for as long as you’d like to soften cracked feet and cuticles.  Available on Amazon, Ulta Beauty and Macy’s.


Body Exfoliating Bar from Nelly De Vuyst

Price: $26.50

This natural treatment combines the exfoliating properties of organic bamboo silica microcapsules with the detoxifying effects of activated charcoal powder and green tea for smooth, revitalized and luminous skin. Use on your legs in circular, counterclockwise motion to form a mixture of silica powder and foam.


My Scheming Hard Skin Removal Exfoliating Foot Peel Mask


Make your feet feel like a baby’s again! The feet are an often-neglected part of our skincare regimen. But over time, the skin becomes rough, aged, and stiff with excess dead skin cells accumulating. My Scheming’s exfoliating foot peel works together with your body’s natural ability to turnover skin cells. After applying the peel, dead skin cells will start to peel off within 5-7 days. Water activates this peeling process.


Save My Sole Rescuing Foot Scrub by Formula 10.0.6

Price: $5.99

Exfoliate every inch of your bare feet with this sudsing scrub of avocado and peppermint oils. Rejuvenate those rough & tired toes as you work to save your soles! Avocado oil works to add moisture as peppermint oil calms and cools tired and over-worked feet.


Lavender Oil Nature Soothing Duo from Nature By Canus

Price: $24.99

This duo is perfectly paired to detox skin while subtle notes of Lavender will naturally help de-stress.  The Silky Body Wash and Creamy Body lotion are infused with fresh Canadian goat’s milk for hydration.  Goat’s milk is traditionally recognized for containing moisturizing fatty acids, vitamins A (retinol) and B3 (niacin), potassium, zinc and selenium making this lotion the ultimate source of nourishment for your skin. Nature By Canus products are free of parabens and phosphates, artificial colors and are never tested on animals.


ella+mila – Nail Care Collection

Price: $39.00

Nail Care is Self Care! This highly sought after brand is constantly staying ahead of the times, by always keeping their colors trendy and on point! With a passion for color and dedication to healthy beauty, the founders strive to provide fashion-forward beauty products without compromise. Nail Care Collection includes: The Nail Care Collection Includes: Nail Prep, Ridge-Filler Base Coat, Fast-Drying Top Coat, Matte Top Coat, Cuticle Oil, and Quick-Dry Nail Drops.  All products are “7-Free”, Always Vegan, Animal cruelty-free, and Made in the USA.


Halo Hand 

Price: $35-52

Halo Hand offers “high-fiveable” clean nail polish kits that come with everything you need for a total at-home pedi-makeover. Best of all, you’re not compromising your nails by exposing them to toxic chemicals in the process. The brand’s polishes are “10-free” meaning these nontoxic formulas eliminate the 10 most common chemicals found in traditional nail care products. Additionally, their vegan and cruelty-free line brings you the “whole kit & caboodle” right to your fingertips.



Price: Varies

The Nailest is the award-winning online nail bar known for luxury press-ons. Now when I say “press-ons,” wipe those drug store fakes from decades past out of your memory. These luxury sets use top-quality gel polishes and acrylic products and are perfect for special occasions or your at home mani/pedi!

Vitality Extracts

Skin Envy Roll-On is a praised selection of oils blended into a lush oil which rejuvenates the skin and increases its natural glow (and yes your toes need that glow right now). Skin Envy Oil contains a myriad of health benefits that work as potent agents against aging and dryness. Use the convenient roll-on throughout the day to maintain moisture deep in the skin tissue. Pamper your your feet, ankles and legs by adding this oil to your lotion for massage. Add a few drops to a warm bath or lotion to lavish your entire body with Skin Envy for luxurious skin from head to toe.


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