Boy Smells Announces New Series CHROMESTHESIA – Launching May 1, 2019

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On May 1, 2019 BOY SMELLS will be dropping a new candle series called Chromesthesia that will be adding new scents and color ways (at a $34 price point) to the brand’s ever-expanding collection of reimagined personal care products.
The Chromesthesia range will debut with three (3) scents – Ambrosia, Anjelica, and Dynasty – each packaged in hyper-natural tones. The collection is inspired by, and named after, Chromesthesia, a behavior which produces a visual impression based on scent, sight, or sound – something that is referenced in the monochromatic design with the brand’s signature wax specially dyed to match the containers creating a monochromatic sensory experience.
Each scent in the collection combines natural essential oils matched with their molecular identical: merging nature and the instinct to replicate it – a nod to the brand’s continued effort to push the boundaries of how one interacts with the products used in our daily routines.
With Chromesthesia, Boy Smells continues to challenge our perceptions of the mundane by juxtaposing uniquely anachronistic elements into a harmonized blend of scent-specific items that offer a nod to nature, a personal sense of nostalgia, and the unfolding future.

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Boy Smells Announces New Series CHROMESTHESIA – Launching May 1, 2019