The Best Waterproof Makeup Summer 2020!

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Makeup Primer:

The key to having a long lasting waterproof base, is to use a waterproof primer. It doesn’t matter what foundation you use as long as its locked in well enough to not move. The Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer will do just that while providing the necessary vitamins to protect your skin. 



Available at Sephora and, $36



If you have pimples, under-eye circles or acne scars, waterproof concealers are the best to cover that up whether you’re in or out the water. Dab a little of the Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Concealer with your finger so it can melt in, making it look more skin-like. Waterproof Concealers tend to dry more quickly than a regular one, so I suggest blending  quickly. 




Available at Ulta Beauty and, $13.49

Eyeshadows/Eye Base:


The most important thing to remember is using any kind of powder makeup in the water, will make your makeup break apart and not last. With that being said, creamy products are crucial to making your makeup stay. The Makeup Forever Aqua XL Color Paint Shadow has a variety of colors that are smudge and  waterproof and very hydrating. 




Available at Sephora and, $25




Are waterproof mascaras better than regular mascaras? The answer is yes! In general, waterproof mascaras hold the curl better and in place. The downside of using it, is how tedious it is to take off but using an oil based makeup remover or cleanser is the best way to remove it. I also recommend using a regular mascara to top off your lashes because it’s easier to break down. The Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara has been all over social media by its free of flake or clump and waterproof! 

Available at Ulta Beauty and, $24




Finding a good waterproof product for your lips is hard! You want something that’s long lasting, and hydrating. The Maybelline Makeup SuperStay Matter Ink Liquid Lipstick is an affordable lipstick that is guaranteed to last you all day and night. The highly pigmented lipstick comes with a dove foot applicator that makes it easier to reach and glide to the inner corners of your mouth without it getting messy. 

Available at Ulta Beauty and, $9.49


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The Best Waterproof Makeup Summer 2020!