Beauty Tips For Women: How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Beauty Tips For Women: How To Keep Your Skin Looking Young

Do you remember when Jane Seymour, in Lovestruck: The Musical, drank an elixir that turned her into a younger woman? Or when Sutton Foster, who starred in the TV series titled Younger, pretended to be a 26-year-old as opposed to her real age of 40 because she changed a few things on her looks? There won’t be any woman out there who wouldn’t kill to be in possession of such a magic bullet. While there is no actual pill like it, there are certain habits you can cultivate to give you glowing, flawless, and youthful skin without having to go under the knife. Here are some beauty tips for women on how to keep their skin looking young.


  • Hydrate Your Skin


Staying and keeping your skin hydrated is the most effective way to stay youthful. The daily water intake recommended for men is 3.7 liters and 2.7 liters for women, respectively. Apart from the numerous benefits of water, its intake reduces fine lines on the skin, makes you look young, and keeps you healthy.


  • Get Adequate and Quality Sleep


The benefits of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized. Getting restful sleep doesn’t just make you feel refreshed, it also improves your looks. It keeps the dark circles and puffy eyes and face at bay.


  • Limit Touching Your Face


We commonly see people with acne or pimples try to bust them as a way of getting rid of them. This is not advisable and even an unhygienic habit such as your hand –which is probably dirty– can introduce germs and bacteria to your face’s skin. This could infect the area and cause more damage to the skin thereby leaving scars and dark spots on your face.


  • Avoid Smoking


This goes without saying but nothing good comes out of smoking. It not only puts you at risk of developing lung cancer but also makes you age rapidly. Smoking also stains your teeth giving you the appearance of an older person.


  • Invest in SPF


You should wear sunscreen every time you step outside, come rain and shine. Research has it that the higher the SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the greater the protection it offers against UV rays exposure. While this is true in the ideal world, in reality, certain factors such as longer sun exposure and not reapplying the sunblock could defeat its purpose thus resulting in damaged skin.


  • Get Rid of Saggy Breasts


One of the challenges that come with advanced age is the breasts losing their firmness. It is scary considering one of the solutions to loose breasts is undergoing surgery. There are a lot of options for you if you want a less invasive procedure. Because of the desire to provide a safer solution for tightening saggy breasts, the use of this breast firming cream would come into women’s minds as it contains essential extracts that help lift the breasts. This means good riddance to saggy breasts in the easiest way possible. However, be sure to conduct a skin test first to ensure you won’t have any allergic reactions.


  • Exercise


Engaging in regular exercise helps with slowing down aging. Studies showed that telomeres, a protective cap located at the end of our chromosomes, play a role in retarding the rate at which one grows old. It is shown that there is a correlation between these telomeres and exercise, where exercise helps increase its length thus enhancing youthfulness. A thirty-minute daily walk will go a long way in burning extra calories, detoxifying, improving blood circulation, and eliminating waste in our bodies.


  • Eat Healthy Foods


You can never go wrong with fruits and vegetables. They are known to be great sources of antioxidants that help to protect the skin from producing free radicals. These radicals damage skin cells and cause oxidative stress. Switch to healthier nuts and seeds like flaxseed, chia, almonds, pumpkins, and sunflower seeds. These seeds and nuts contain healthy polyunsaturated fats that your body is incapable of producing but help to protect your body against inflammation.


  • Manage Stress


Another important tip to maintaining a youthful look is to cut back on stress. Reduce stress the least by practicing meditation and yoga, making time for leisure activities, listening to music, and journaling. Stress makes you look older than you really are so if you really want that drop-dead gorgeous look, you need to start managing your stress level.


  • Maintain a Positive Attitude


Keep a warm demeanor, have a personable personality, laugh more, be in love, make more friends, and be at peace with people as much as possible. When you are happy, it radiates to your entire body. When you spend time with friends and family, they have a good effect on you and keep you healthy and young.


Having that youthful glow has been the desire of every woman so much that a huge sum of money has been spent on cosmetic surgeries, beauty, and skincare products, and pills – all in the bid to retain their youthful image. It is important to remember that while being particular about one’s looks is important, growing old is also a beautiful stage of one’s life and should be enjoyed.


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