Kathryn Markel Arts Exhibition: Orchids of The Anthropocene

Kathryn Markel Arts Exhibition: Orchids of The Anthropocene

Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is set to unveil its latest exhibition, Orchids of the Anthropocene, featuring the works of artist Marilla Palmer. This marks Palmer’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery and promises to captivate art enthusiasts. With, its celebration of the natural world and thought-provoking commentary on the delicate balance between nature and human influence.

Orchids of the Anthropocene, Palmer aims to awaken viewers to the extraordinary beauty that surrounds us in the natural world. By employing art as her medium, she endeavors to convey a message of appreciation for nature’s allure. Similarly, the exhibition’s title, inspired by the term “Anthropocene,” which denotes the geological epoch characterized by significant human impact on the environment, emphasizes the intricate relationship between humanity and the natural world.

Featured Art

Palmer’s inspiration for her artwork traces back to a life-changing encounter during her teenage years. While on a Greek island, she stumbled upon a solitary wild orchid perched on a hillside overlooking a deserted beach. This encounter, despite its small scale, left an indelible mark on Palmer’s life and perspective. It symbolized the scarcity of unspoiled moments amid the widespread ecological destruction caused by human activities, prompting a deep sense of urgency for environmental action.

The artist’s creative process commences in her own garden, where she nurtures the flowers that become the subjects of her vibrant watercolor depictions. In fact, to preserve their ephemeral beauty, Palmer carefully presses the flowers beneath stacks of books. Once pressed, the delicate petals and leaves are incorporated into the watercolor paintings. Complemented by silk, sequins, vintage millinery velvet, and other manufactured materials meticulously arranged to resemble natural elements. Through Palmer’s art, the depiction of the harmonious coexistence of humankind and nature is striking.

Additionally, Orchids of the Anthropocene invites viewers to pause and reconnect with the natural world, urging them to find solace and inspiration in its inherent beauty. Palmer’s work serves as a poignant reminder that the preservation of wilderness is paramount. As she aptly states, “Go for a walk. Cultivate your gardens.”

Marilla Palmer, a resident of Brooklyn, NY, has exhibited her artwork extensively across the United States. Including prestigious venues such as the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Carlsbad Museum and Art Center, and MoMA PS1. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Palmer’s profound artistic vision continues to resonate with audiences. Envoking contemplation on humanity’s place within the natural world.


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