The Roof Garden Commission: Adrián Villar Rojas, The Theater of Disappearance.

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The Roof Garden Commission: Adrián Villar Rojas, The Theater of Disappearance.
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     When I got to the garden, it seem as if I was at an imaginary dinner or the last party of the world. After seeing a few pieces. I have perversely saw at The Met or other places; it was clear the idea of this collection was  how does/ can an artist examine the museum itself?  What we see, is a fuse of imaginative new works of art, and set against New York City’s supreme skyline.
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     What stood out or what is kine about the showcase  is the lasting change in art, education, the environment,  and government innovation. Art should be a valuable way to engage people and strengthen communities bounds and imaginations.  Sixteen black and white sculptures  are incorporated in this presentation. The sculptures where selected from a wide variety of time periods and cultures already at The Met. The panoramic view of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline transforms and adds to this dramatic setting. The theatrical effect of the sculptures and environment is a dazzling and breath taking.  It is a magical experience to any one who see this collection
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     The Bloomberg Philanthropies was one of the  proud to partners a long with The Metropolitan Museum of Art in support of The Roof Garden Commission of  Adrian Villar Rojas, The Theater of Disappearance. The Theater of Disappearance will be on view from April 14 through October 29, 2017. The exhibition is overall supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies. Additional support is provided by Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon B. Polsky.
     From the lecture given by several key members of The Met as well as Villar Rojas team ; I was blown away to find out that Adrián Villar Rojas took materials from the Museum itself. The Theater of Disappearance transforms the space of the Roof Garden into a performative diorama.  An artist job is to challenge us as well as expand our experience of space and time.
      The heart of this installation is the framing  of historical truth of the past and the present. What Villar Rojas  wants to succeeds is the reactivation and reinterpretation of art and human culture. He as well, wants to challenges the viewer in new ways of seeing objects and artifacts that we have seen before and that is known to us.
    To execute this breathe taking  project, Villar Rojas immersed himself in the Museum’s history and collections. “The Theater of Disappearance presents a story of objects presented without historical interpretation. Using 3D scanning and advanced imaging techniques, the Museum scanned and replicated objects from the collection. “
This collection  breaths  new life in how we see and interpret history and cultural pieces over time. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
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The Roof Garden Commission: Adrián Villar Rojas, The Theater of Disappearance.