Vote Albee Al For President on His New Album

Vote Albee Al For President on His New Album

After much success from his prior album, I’m From Marion, Albee Al is determined to continue to represent Jersey City through his vivid storytelling of his rise, fall, and eventual rise with Albee For President.

The fifteen-track rap album shows how Albee handles different situations, from relatives switching up on him in “Bane” to street altercations in “Free AR-AB,” living the fast life as a rap superstar, and appreciating how his life has turned around since his last prison stint. 

His prior single for the album “Who Ya Big Homie,” featuring Mozzy, garnered love from Rolling Out, Global Grind, Hip Hop Wired, Sheen Magazine, and more. The visual gained just short of a million views on YouTube in under a month. Albee Al takes listeners back to how he hustled as the proclaimed Jersey City Gladiator. Mozzy rhymes vividly about surviving in the street, questioning his competition’s hustle, and holding it down for his team. 

In the song “Albee For President,” Albee Al makes it known that he wants to bring the homies who struggled with him to the same presidential lifestyle that he lives. Albee Al raps, “Albee for president, shit got a ring to it. Look at my campaign, gang on the airplane. I left Dubai. I’m in the sky. and I’m drinking champagne.” He proceeds to rap further about his presidential-like luxuries in life. 

The additional features on Albee For President involve Money Man on “El Presidente,” which got over a million views on YouTube in a month, Rowdy Rebel on “A Pain Story,” and 2Official on “Memories.”

  1. “Mush” (Interlude)
  2. “Home Sick Pt. 2”
  3. “Bane”
  4. “Who Ya Big Homie” feat. Mozzy
  5. “Good Hearted”
  6. “Didn’t Tell Me You Love Me”
  7. “Reposado Nights”
  8. “Would You?”
  9. “Albee For President”
  10.  “El Presidente” feat. Money Man
  11.  “A Pain Story” feat. Rowdy Rebel
  12.  “Memories” feat. 2Official
  13.  “Drought”
  14.  “Free AR-AB”
  15.  “PTSD”

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