Today, British songwriter/DJ/producer Joseph Thornalley aka Vegyn drops new single “Makeshift Tourniquet”, via his own label PLZ Make It Ruins. On this emotionally rich, layered dance floor groove, sustained waves of synth wash over house beats and glowing bleeps, all coalescing in gently vivid technicolor. With a title that’s suggestive of the temporary fix found in dancefloor elation, it’s rife with the “happy melancholia” that runs through much of his work. 

“It’s been some time since I delved into more conventional dance music and ‘Makeshift Tourniquet’ seems to be a fairly natural arrival at said genre. The track came to fruition after some light tinkering with a unique combination of new studio hardware. I’m not sure what it is about syncopation but it’s always been the key to get people moving with my songs. Lots of people have been enjoying this one at my club shows this year, so I’m excited to see the indoor fans get to listen to it too.” Vegyn

“Makeshift Tourniquet” follows his debut album Only Diamonds Cut Diamonds and the 71 track mixtape Text While Driving If You Want to Meet God! (both 2019), the ODCD Alt Versions EP in 2020, and another epic mixtape – the 75 track Don’t Follow Me Because I’m Lost Too!! – last year.

Vegyn’s production credits, collaborations and remixes include Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, Kali Uchis, JPEGMafia, Dean Blunt, Babyfather, Duval Timothy, John Glacier, Babyxsosa, Double Virgo and Ethan P. Flynn.

He debuted his brand new live show at Fuji Rock in Japan this summer, sold out his London show two months in advance and will play select US dates in December  list of dates below.



9.23..23 – (DJ) Le Cargo, Caen FR

10.7.23 – (DJ) Ed Banger 20 @ Madame Loyal, Paris FR

10.11.23 – (Live) The White Hotel, Manchester UK

10.12.23 – (Live) EartH Theatre, London UK SOLD OUT

10.14.23 – (Live) Nuits Sonores, Brussels BE

12.6.23 – (Live) Webster Hall, New York, NY

12.8.23 – (Live) Thalia Hall, Chicago, IL

12.14.23 – (Live) The Fonda, Los Angeles, CA

12.16.23 – (Live) The Regency, San Francisco, CA

PHOTO CREDIT: Joshua Gordon

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