Valley Releases New EP “Last Birthday”

Valley Releases New EP “Last Birthday”

Valley, an indie pop band based in Toronto, has just released their second EP titled “Last Birthday.” The upbeat songs give listeners a bright start to October with songs that will have you feeling euphoric about life.

Valley had previously released four of the songs independently throughout the last few months. With the release of the full EP, listeners can  dance to the new beats of “Can We Make It (Jim Carrey),” “Cure,” and “ain’t my girl”.

Each song covers a different topic touching on ideas such as the pressures of society, the music industry, the desire for social interaction, and longing for nostalgia (like many people might have felt during the pandemic). Listeners can find “SOCIETY” and “Like 1999” relatable to these ideas. 

Valley discusses hard hitting topics about societal problems through telling relatable stories in their lyrics. The lyrics paint a picture that the people of younger generation can see in their own lives. Although some of their music reflects on more serious topics about society, they present their music in a way that makes listeners feel lighthearted about tough topics.  The upbeat tempo of their EP provides a change in perspective on generational issues and common life struggles.

Dive into the Tracks

The second track, “Can We Make It (Jim Carrey)” lyricizes the struggle of keeping ‘up’ in the ups and downs of a relationship. A line from the song says, “Everyday can’t be like Disney/ Everybody can’t be like Jim Carrey/ The world doesn’t have to be so scary/ Help me help you help me get some clarity.” Overall, the song focuses on the struggles of being confused about the bad days that their partner has in a relationship. 

The fifth track of the EP is “Like 1999.” The lyrics talk about the feeling of wanting to spend time with others and forget about the woes of life. For instance, the chorus sings, “If you wanna come over, watch/ Friends and then get high/ Use my phone as a coaster, we’ll travel back in time.” “Like 1999” captures the feeling of life becoming static and reminiscing the times when life was lively. The lyrics may reflect on the feelings many people might have felt during the pandemic as we had to socially distance and limit social interactions. 

Moreover, Valley’s new EP “Last Birthday” covers various emotions that listeners may find relatable to their own lives. Each track paints a picture that embodies the separate things we may have experienced throughout the pandemic. The struggles of a love life, awareness of societal issues, and missing the feeling of hanging out with friends. 


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