Mikhel Alexander Finds His Inspiration Through Duality & Flexibility

Mikhel Alexander Finds His Inspiration Through Duality & Flexibility

Mikhel Alexander is a unisex high fashion brand and prime example of black excellence through the cultivation of superior craftsmanship and durability through design. Each garment takes inspiration from a place of absolute beauty and diversity right in New York City. 

The fluid brand specializes in highlighting the importance of personal expression through an open-minded, accessible, and adaptable design approach. Style is rather universal and constantly changing, so Mikhel is making it his job to deliver for the culture in ways that create spaces to deconstruct one-sided barriers. 

Story Behind The Great Alexander

Founder and Creative Director, Mikhel Alexander is a native of the island of Jamaica. Growing up Alexander’s parents always supported and pushed him to pursue art and design. With a supportive environment, Alexander was able to receive a scholarship to Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. While attending Parson’s, he began to launch the foundation of his design philosophy. 

While here he began to get his name out into the industry as he began designing for big fashion names including Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. Through Alexander’s journey, he has always built it on embracing versatility and different cultures to create balance in his design work.

The niche that Alexander focuses on is designer bags that are gender-inclusive and have a modular approach to design. Bags and other functions in fashion work to create a form that is not only wearable but also useful. 

The interconnection between industrial design and the cultivation of the arts will always be an iconic style for Alexander. His ability to implement various themes of mass customization and fluidity is what makes Alexander stand out from other designers. 

Mikhel Alexander is shifting the culture for gender inclusivity for the future of fashion. 

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