Remember The Name: Marcus.Jordan

Remember The Name: Marcus.Jordan

Artist Marcus.Jordan has all the keys to reaching superstardom but has not been given a door to open yet. The 25-year-old artist/producer will hope to get more eyes on his music in 2022.

Jordan’s Upbringing

Jordan is from Rockland County, NY. His upbringing listening to ‘80s and ‘90s rap and R&B would shape the sound of his music.

“Growing up, my Dad played a lot Jay-Z, he played off a lot Nas, you know a lot of old school hip hop,” said Jordan. “On the flip side, my Mom played a lot of ‘80s and ‘90s hits.”

Shot by Migs de la Peña

Jordan started writing raps when he was 17. His brother was rapping first so Jordan aspired to be better than him.

“The competitive part of me wanted to be better than him so that is what got me started.” 

Jordan’s Music

The artist has displayed his ability to rap and sing on multiple occasions. On his most recent EP “Bitter Sweet Poetry” he showed his lyrical talents and introspective subject manners on songs like “Therapy” and sang on the mellow track “Out of Lies”. Jordan’s goals are to grab the listener’s attention from the first seconds of the track playing and he achieved it on this project.

“I like music that makes people move,” said Jordan. “Anything that gets the body moving…as long as it grabs you for those first five seconds that is my vibe.”

Via Marcus.Jordan on Youtube

Jordan’s Aspirations

The New York native has big goals for this year. He plans on releasing his new album “The World Is Yours”. The album has been in the works for over a year and Jordan plans to release it by May.

Jordan is well aware of his talent and is adamant that the world will be aware of it too. This is evident in his answer to where he sees himself in five years.

“In five years from now I project myself to be one of those household names,” said Jordan. “Definitely five years from now, I picture myself being successful whether it’s producing or rapping.”

Jordan’s plethora of musical skills makes his potential unlimited. His only path is forward so buy your ticket for the plane before it takes off.

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