Melke Creates A Space For The Voiceless Through Sustainability & Activism

Melke Creates A Space For The Voiceless Through Sustainability & Activism

Melke is one of the few brands that decided to carve its footprint in conversations about the ethics of sustainability and equality against fast fashion. We’re responsible for the shifts made within our environment, so Melke is making sure we advocate in a manner that is voguish, powerful, and fair!

The Mastermind Behind Activism

Everyday fast fashion is consuming and damaging our environment. From the strains on our resources to the inequalities that marginalized groups face, Melke has always been a calling to neutrality. 

The genius behind such a transformation is Emma Gage. In 2020, Emma took it upon herself to evoke awareness and change through all kinds of garments. Brands rarely pivot towards battling controversies that occur within the world. Contrarily, Melke Emma takes careful consideration of redefining the future of fashion with a clear vision.

Emma is currently a fashion designer residing in New York. With a BFA in fashion design from Marist College and four prominent design scholarships and awards under her belt, the designer has always had a notable body of work to offer the world. 

Her philosophy motivates her to pursue organizations that fight against issues such as human trafficking and unjust institutions. 

She hopes that within her work she can bridge the gap between non-profit work and creativity. She hopes to not only encourage individuals to express themselves, but also feel confident enough to transpire evolutionary change. 

Process Behind Creating Awareness

Emma’s experience and values have allowed her to work on many different projects to change the future of fashion.

 Recently she worked with Happy X Nature, which is a brand focusing on waste reduction and creating sustainability in NYC. This is no surprise, given that the majority of Emma’s work consists of her bridging her talent with ethical production. 

Further proving her devotion and philosophy, she has also volunteered at NYFW and spoke at the 2015 Nexus Global Youth Summit about human trafficking, the agency of women, and advocates for garment worker rights continuously.

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