Kristen Harris Uses Her Superpowers To Illuminate Black Femininity In Creative Spaces

Kristen Harris Uses Her Superpowers To Illuminate Black Femininity In Creative Spaces

Meet the gifted twenty-five-year-old model, actress, and poet Kristen Harris, who is setting the tone for the infinite possibilities of what women can do! Her various passions for the arts are redefining what it means for women to reclaim their agency and shift black culture. 

Currently, Harris resides in St. Louis, Minnesota, and is all for elevating black fashion. The creative is open to countless types of modeling such as high fashion, print, catalog, beauty, runway, and much more. Her background in modeling has helped her to expand to marketing and branding in which she helps others bring life through pictures whether it be through brand shoots, creative shoots, styled shoots, and more.

Harris firmly believes that a picture can say a lot with the proper branding behind it. 

Harris Remains Fearless As She Takes Over The World

Posing behind a camera isn’t all that the black Queen has to offer. Acting is another one of her skills that she is looking to continue to pursue as well. Harris is signed to Images Agency in St. Louis, MO, and Babes N Beaus in Chicago, Illinois.

Every month she has the opportunity to engage in Masterclasses at Images Agency where she can perfect her skills in print, acting, improv, and commercial all with the help of casting directors. 

As a result of her hard work and dedication, she was able to recently win first place in the Midwest Regional Talent Showcase commercial competition. Followed by this, Harris was able to take part in a print ad commercial shoot for Save A Lot. 

When the multitalented creative isn’t being the camera, she finds herself investing in writing poetry as an outlet to vocally channel her inner feelings to address issues in today’s culture hoping to use discomfort to trigger change. 


There is nothing that Kristen Harris can’t do, the world is hers!

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