UMI creatives lo-fi, alternative R&B perfection

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UMI fans are raving about her newly released EP ‘Introspection’.

As the industry is getting younger, the message and reality have never been clearer: the youth are the future. UMI’s six-song project dives into the complexities of being a millennial woman navigating through self-discovery, love, heartbreak, and family dynamics. UMI describes the collections of songs as ‘a reflection of my journey inward.’

UMI has also released a film, Introspection, which dropped via YouTube. The film combined standouts from her interactions with family and friends, and it showcased her ability to create timeless, genre-bending music. It encapsulates many of the debates in the film and art worlds this decade — issues of representation on film and alternative R&B.

Introspection carries on the vitality of UMI’s most confident work — it’s music with an expression of self, more urgent and polished than the poetic singles before. It hums with fluidity and confidence.

UMI regards the EP as “a reflection of my inner journey over the past year, embodying my growth.” She hopes that “this project will bring healing.”

“Introspection” is not only a smooth listen but also an impressive career progression for UMI that listeners everywhere should take a listen to.



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UMI creatives lo-fi, alternative R&B perfection