Tyler The Creator Expands Grammy Winning Album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’

Tyler The Creator Expands Grammy Winning Album ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’

Estate Sale Album Art

Tyler The Creator recently re-released Call Me If You Get Lost with an expanded version entitled The Estate Sale. The artist explained on Twitter that some songs didn’t make the cut during the first release. Now after 2 years, Creator has decided to release new additions to the album.

‘Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale

The Estate Sale is comprehensive and includes 8 new tracks, 7 of those being full length tracks alongside one shorter intro track. Across the new songs we see collaborations with A$AP Rocky, YG, and Vince Staples.

The artist has personally said on Instagram that Wharf Talk, featuring A$AP Rocky, was his personal favorite on the whole album. Interestingly, both SORRY NOT SORRY and DOGTOOTH have already received bombastic music videos in typical Tyler, The Creator fashion.

Uniquely, the album also features production courtesy of Kanye West. The controversial producer pulls from his own repertoire, sampling “Heaven Only Knows” a previous collab between John Legend and Ye. Surprisingly, Tyler cites the song as one of his favorite beats the producer has ever made.

Kanye isn’t the only legendary producer on these new tracks. The enigmatic and ever respected Madlib makes an appearance, lending his talent of sampling and curating a sonic space on the track “What a Day”.

Similarly, Tyler cites this beat as one he used to play repeatedly during his Skateboarding days. Since it’s original release, and across iterations, this album has given us new insight into the Tyler behind “The Creator” and his emotions as well as his inspirations.


It’s clear, between what you can hear on the album and what Tyler has said, that these songs always belonged. Finally free of the need to shorten the run time that comes with an album release. Certainly now, we can all enjoy the album in it’s entirety.

Additionally, fans and Tyler, seem to think that this album represents the closing of the chapter that began back in 2011. With this in mind, after this, it’s likely we’ll continue to see Tyler shed his myriad personas and be more authentically himself.

Listen below.

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