TEO GLACIER Drops single “Who Do You Love?

TEO GLACIER Drops single “Who Do You Love?


New Zealand’s musical landscape is ablaze with excitement as the soulful R&B sensation, Teo Glacier, drops his latest single, “Who Do You Love?” today via Capitol Records. This release follows his meteoric rise, marked by captivating vocals and a distinct homage to the cherished late ’90s and early 2000s R&B sound.

The Melodic Tale of a Love Unraveling

In “Who Do You Love?” Glacier weaves a contemporary R&B narrative, unraveling the poignant story of a love on the brink of dissolution. The song’s emotive lyrics are complemented by the seamless production of Rory Noble, Dyce, and Berle, whose collective credits include collaborations with Remi Wolf, Ruel, Rakhim, Shordie Shordie, and Pivot Gang. The result is another heart-wrenching addition to Glacier’s evolving discography.


Teo Glacier on the Heartfelt Ballad

Glacier, reflecting on the single, shares, “‘Who Do You Love?’ has got to be my favorite song to date. I’m super excited for this release. Although a song about a failed love with sad, hard-hitting lyrics, it’s a tune you can jam out to. I hope y’all love this one as much as I do, looking forward to seeing how y’all vibe with it.”

A Capitol Records Journey

Glacier’s journey with Capitol Records commenced in May 2023, and since then, he has consistently delivered music that resonates with a diverse audience. His previous hit, “Close with Desires (Right Person Wrong Timing),” propelled him to fame, amassing over 30 million streams on Spotify alone. The September remix of the track, featuring Vietnamese artist Thuy, catapulted the song to even greater heights, expanding Teo’s reach and acclaim.

“Who Do You Love?”: A Second Capitol Records Symphony

“Who Do You Love?” marks Glacier’s second single under Capitol Records, reinforcing his standing as a rising star in the industry. With a cumulative stream count exceeding 50 million across all digital service platforms, Teo Glacier has unmistakably solidified his position as an artist to watch.


As “Who Do You Love?” reverberates through the airwaves, Teo Glacier continues to carve his niche in the music scene. This latest single is not just a song; it’s a testament to Glacier’s ability to encapsulate complex emotions in a melodic embrace, inviting listeners to explore the nuances of love and heartbreak. With each release, Teo Glacier proves that his musical journey is not just a fleeting moment but a crescendo of artistry that resonates with the hearts of fans worldwide. For more on music: https://thegarnettereport.com/search/Music.

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