Today, rising R&B phenomenon Teo Glacier releases a new version of his rapturous single “close with desires (right person wrong timing)” featuring thuy. 

The addition of the Vietnamese-American songstress adds a whole new dimension to the piano-driven, lovelorn track. The remix is the New Zealand-born, Samoan artist’s first since signing with Capitol Records in the spring.

“We go back and forth like it’s nothing, seems that we already hit the summit,” the 18-year-old crooner delivers over a bluesy beat and mournful piano chords. “I could try to chase you up but I already tried.” thuy then steps up to the mic for her verse. “Through all the good we had, I think we moved too fast,” she croons. “So many scars from my past, covered up, you never noticed.” Suddenly the track, which was once one-sided, becomes a painful-yet-engrossing conversation about a relationship coming to an end.

The update of “close with desires (right person wrong time)” is glacier’s first offering since dropping the original version in May, which has racked up more than 27 million Spotify streams. It followed the release of “too much,” which would go on to become a viral sensation with more than 350,000 TikTok “creates.” Honing vulnerable lyrics and delicate, soulful sounds, the newcomer’s rapid ascent continues.

“I never imagined myself signed to a label, especially one with the history of Capitol Records,” glacier said. “I still can’t really believe it to be honest. I’m waiting for someone to wake me up and ruin this dream. It’s a dream I had from the start but it was never a goal. It always felt too impossible to actually try and achieve something like this. To the 15-year-old boy stuck in quarantine making songs – anything is possible bro, cos we did it.”

With the arrival of “close with desires (right person wrong timing)” featuring thuy, glacier’s dreams of music stardom continue to come true.

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