Stefano May’s “Hideaway”

Stefano May’s “Hideaway”

The Inspired Creation of “Hideaway”

Stefano May, a gifted singer-songwriter and classical pianist, has recently unveiled his latest single, “Hideaway.” This soulful track was inspired by a profound encounter during a trip to Tijuana, Mexico. Struck by a conversation with a homeless man, May was reminded of life’s sanctity and found inspiration to translate this encounter into a musical masterpiece.

The Musical Tapestry of “Hideaway”

“Hideaway” weaves a captivating blend of brooding piano notes, powerful percussion, and May’s entrancing vocals. The track builds tension throughout, reaching a crescendo in the chorus where May passionately sings, “I want to have you look at me/So I can feel your faith, feel your faith in me.” The accompanying music video, directed by May himself, takes viewers on an intense journey through stormy beaches and graffiti-stroked alleyways, emphasizing the song’s theme of unexpected connections.

Stefano May’s Artistic Journey

Originally from Italy, May now resides in Miami, collaborating with renowned producer Chico Bennett. As an LGBTQ+ artist, May infuses his music with a unique blend of soul, pop, and classical influences. “Hideaway” is a standout track on his debut self-titled album, released alongside the single, offering listeners a poignant glimpse into the complexities of life through the lens of homelessness.


The Heartfelt Message of “Hideaway”

May’s connection with the homeless man in Tijuana serves as the emotional core of “Hideaway.” The lyrics reflect May’s desire for human connection and the recognition of each individual’s inherent value, even in the face of adversity. May shares, “He reminded me how valuable we all are, even when faced with difficult circumstances.”

Stefano May’s Impact and Recognition

May’s musical journey extends beyond his latest release. With performances at the annual ADDF event in Washington, DC, and features on NPR in Ohio, May has garnered acclaim from CNN Argentina, GLAAD, Ladygunn, and Good Day Live Tampa Bay. His commitment to using music as a healing force is evident in each composition, resonating with audiences globally. In conclusion, Stefano May’s “Hideaway” is not just a song; it’s a narrative of shared humanity, born from an unexpected encounter and immortalized through May’s musical prowess. As he continues to use his art to bring people together, May invites us to find solace and connection in the universal language of music. For more on music:

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