Rubio Releases Señorita 89 Theme Song “Buena Suerta Muchacha”

Rubio Releases Señorita 89 Theme Song “Buena Suerta Muchacha”

” Buena Suerta Muchacha” By Rubio

After the promotion of the acclaimed album “Mago Negro,” Rubio began mapping out the next steps towards her new LP. While doing so, she released her single, “Invierno.” The track’s title translates to “winter” in English. Since then, Rubio has announced the release of a very big single.

Rubio Releases “Buena Suerte Muchacha”

The recently released “Buena Suerte Muchaca” is the main theme song for the much-anticipated series, Señorita 89. The series premiered on Pantaya in both the United States and Puerto Rico on February 27th. The series is a co-production of Fremantle and Fabula (‘La Jauría’ and ‘Cromo’). The single, along with the music video, is now available on all digital stores.

” Buena Suerta Muchacha” By Rubio

The Music In Señorita 89

Rubio is also responsible for the music of Señorita 89. This is the first Chilean project for the Pantaya and STRAZPLAY streaming platforms. The series Señorita 89 is a sophisticated, dramatic thriller from visionary director Lucía Puenzo (‘La Jauria’). It is set in Mexico’s glamorous ‘80s, starring a female cast that is led by Ilse Slalas, Ximena Romo, Bárbara López, Natasha Dupeyrón, Leidi Gutiérrez and Coty Camacho.

Señorita 89 By Anabel Fuentes Garcia

Fran Straube, leader of Rubio, was recently in Mexico City for the virtual world premiere of the series. While there, he performed a special music presentation of “Buena Suerte Muchacha.” He performed for the virtual audience. The performance was directed by Diego Riveros. While staying in CDMX, Rubio also performed at the Bahidora Festival. While there, she shared the marquee with names like James Blake, Helado Negro, and Koffee.

Up Next

Rubio’s upcoming performances include Lollapalooza Chile scheduled for March 19th. Just days later on March 24th, she will also be a special guest at the Movistar Arena Stage. She will open for the British duo, Jungle.

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