Rolling Loud With Babyface Ray

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Good Things Take Time

2021 has been an eventful year for most Soundcloud-based up-and-coming rappers. Babyface Ray is one of those rappers, but he took his time getting here. The 30-year-old Detroit rapper has been making music for over a decade. In high school, he was in a local rap group called “TeamEastSide” along with another known rapper, “Peezy”, who was recently released from prison. Until the time he was 23, Babyface Ray didn’t think he could go anywhere with his rap career. After putting in ten-plus years in the industry, he is finally getting some recognition from outside his home city. His continuous journey has been fruitful and imperative to where he is now. The rapper’s style is laidback and has been using his time to his advantage. Ray’s methods are thoughtful and prove just how much the Detroit music scene is growing and evolving.


From The Streets Of Detroit To Rolling Loud

In a recent interview with “Pitchfork”, Babyface Ray speaks on the Detroit rapping scene. “I knew Detroit was hard, but I didn’t think we were hard enough for the world.” Detroit has been one of the most underappreciated cities in comparison to cities like Chicago, Atlanta, New York, etc. “Detroit is becoming like the Atlanta scene,” Babyface Ray described in the interview. Hundreds of rappers like Babyface Ray are emerging from cities like Detroit, weekly. Thanks to platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp, visibility is increasing throughout these underrated cities. Babyface Ray performed a set at this past weekend’s Rolling Loud music festival in Miami. His performance proved him to be one of the most successful up-and-coming artists of the year and is claiming his seat representing Detroit. If you like 21 Savage, Lil Baby, or Young Thug, you will appreciate Babyface Ray and his journey even more.


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