Rising Artist Dora Jar Will Climb Into Your Brain And Never Leave

Dora Jar on her album cover for 'Digital Meadow' [Spotify]

Rising Artist Dora Jar Will Climb Into Your Brain And Never Leave

… But trust me, you will love having her there!

Dora Jar claims she is made of elves, and if that doesn’t encapsulate her music style, I don’t know what does. Jar sprinkles magic and curiosity into all of her songs; you can feel her elven energy pulsing through the music.

In this Instagram video, you can see just how silly she is and how comfortable she is being herself. However, you can also see how passionate she is about her music and personal expression.

First Album Digital Meadow

This May, Jar released her first album Digital Meadow. It features seven expressive tracks that will ignite a fire in you.

Jar has a super unique voice and vocal range that she explores beautifully in this album. The first song I ever heard of hers was “Multiply.” Her riffs in the “oohs” and “ahs” on this track will pull at your heartstrings. Then, the breakdown, with guitar and drums, towards the two minute mark of the song brings in a passion and aggression that is unexpected and extraordinary. It makes you want to just let go and feel free.

Music Video For “Multiply”

[videos file=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BBhYXoVi60″][/videos]

Jar’s persona lights up this music video with wonder and an incredible sense of realness. She shows off her amazingly weird energy and artistry in all her videos. The song is an absolute banger, and I can’t wait to see what else this artist creates.

For a relatively underground artist, Jar has incredible talent and creativity that deserve recognition. It is so impressive to not only create heart-wrenching and masterful music but to also pair it with visual masterpieces. And Jar does just that.


So, next on her agenda, Jar is going on tour this fall in London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. She was born in New York but raised in California starting at age 4. However she still considers herself a New Yorker at heart. Check out the dates and tickets HERE.

Jar will leave you on your toes, dancing in the ethereal worlds her music creates. And don’t forget to take a few extra minutes to dive into her poetic lyrics and fun wordplay! Stream her music on SOUNDCLOUD or SPOTIFY.


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