Rich Amiri Is Delirious with “CODEINE CRAZY

Rich Amiri Is Delirious with “CODEINE CRAZY

With a deep resonant voice and no shortage of self-confidence, Rich Amiri has a unique musicality that helps him stand out in the internet rap scene. Wasting no time as he continues his rise, the Internet Money teen sensation gets right down to business on “CODEINE CRAZY,” his explosive new single available now on Amiri’s SoundCloud.

Jumping right into the high-octane track from the get-go, “CODEINE CRAZY” is a much more energetic affair than the Future classic that inspired the title, as a charged-up Rich Amiri throws down with reckless abandon and an appetite for the finer vices in life. As the clattering hi-hats cut through a saturated atmospheric melody like butter, Amiri’s baritone brings a commanding presence to the hectic track as he spits bar after bar with a trancelike intensity: “Let’s get it, let’s get it, let’s go, yuh/I’m in that new Testarossa/I’m swerving and f*ckin’ the road up.”

“CODEINE CRAZY” arrives as Rich Amiri’s first new single since the buzzing, “Ain’t Nothing,” which racked up over 5 million streams across platforms since its release last month. Earlier this year, Amiri shared his 12-track project, EVOLUTION, entirely produced by Internet Money and released on the day of his signing to Internet Money Records.  Home to the recent singles “Poppin” ft. Lil Tecca and “Salty,” EVOLUTION is the latest step in Amiri’s rise from SoundCloud to nascent stardom. In 2021, he released his hit “Never Fail,” which recently surpassed 3 million streams on SoundCloud, which sparked a series of underground hits. Last year, the rapper shared his debut EP For The Better, which featured guest spots from SSGKobeSummrs, and others.

The Background:
Hypnotic and honeyed, Rich Amiri’s voice is like little else in rap. Having only recently started taking music seriously, his syrupy melodies have already helped him stand out from his peers in plugg&B–a slurry blend of soul and cloud rap that’s been taking over the internet. Amiri’s humble and nonchalant about his gifts but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming one of his scene’s most free-associative songwriters. He switches lanes with grace, as evidenced by some of the highlights from his recent EP Chase. Tracks like “J10” are low-key and sensitive, while “Never Fail” allows him room to rage, showing off his many sides in quick succession. Though the 19-year-old hails from Boston, he’s a child of the internet who’s been uploading bedroom recordings to SoundCloud since 2020. Like many Gen Z stars, Amiri is something of a one-man army. He says even before he made music, he was on TikTok “from sunup to sundown,” meaning he knew exactly how to get “Never Fail” to go viral—and it’s now inching toward 2 million SoundCloud streams. Amiri’s just getting started, but he’s already starting to accomplish his goals, reaching fans and sharing his innermost feelings. And yet, he’s quickly learned not to force anything. He’s made it this far by trusting his gut, after all. “If it’s a good beat, it’ll speak to me,” he says. “Then I make it speak to other people, too. “ Check out Rich Amiri’s other singles here.

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