Review of The Chainsmokers new single “Summertime Friends”

Review of The Chainsmokers new single “Summertime Friends”

Released on September 8th, the famous EDM/DJ group The Chainsmokers completed their newest single “Summertime Friends.”

The group has constantly been releasing singles throughout the past few years and with the last album drop being back in June of 2022, it was time for the group to update its fans on what direction they are heading in the music industry.

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The single is a song that is coming off their newest album titled TCS5 coming in later of 2023. Combining a mix of their natural beats and pop vocalization, the group released a song that talks about the experience of Drew Taggart, a member of the group, and their journey finding love in the summer.

Posted on Instagram on September 7th, the day before the release of the single, Drew Taggart made a statement: “I fell in love with this girl named Mari last spring which you probably know by now if you’ve been following this page for the last 6 months. A few weeks after we started hanging out I was in NYC in the studio and wrote this song called ‘Summertime Friends’ about the night we met.”

Writing about each individual’s experience in the group is what really makes The Chainsmokers unique. Each song released a lot of times is about a personal experience someone had, and the way they come together to produce a song that perfectly describes the situation is something that fans love.

Singing and performing about real life topics is what makes the fans trust the band. Making a “relatable” song shows the fans that at the end of the day they really just are people and that they are going through the same things as everyone else.

Overall the single makes me look forward to the newest album coming up. Though I feel like the song is a little more on the pop side rather than EDM, it still gives off a good mix that I think we can look forward to hearing more in the upcoming album.

Check out “Summertime Friends” below!

Youtube “Summertime Friends” by The Chainsmokers

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