Regarding My Heart By Tuelo Single Review

Regarding My Heart By Tuelo Single Review

The South-African born New York City/Dublin-based folk rock musician, Tuelo, has released her new single, “Regarding My Heart”, from her second studio album with the same name on March 26, 2024! “Regarding My Heart” is a powerful and soulful ballad that allows audiences to witness and listen to her story about love and loneliness with her haunting vocal delivery. As a result, she is becoming a force in the folk-rock genre! Check out the song and music video below!

“Regarding My Heart” By Tuelo Single Review

“The song shows that in a ubiquitous world there lives a person in solitude, with a fascination for adventure, fantasy, and big dreams of great love. That is me. That would be ‘Regarding My Heart.’ That might be you.”Tuelo

Tuelo is cementing herself into the folk-rock genre by allowing her delivery and resonance to captivate audiences with her storytelling. “Regarding My Heart” format has a cinematic undertone throughout the composition with the motif of a harmonizing choir in the chorus. Another element that creates this grand acoustic gesture of the song is the striking electric guitar that is ever so subtle in the background that strikes a chord whenever Tuelo says “heart”. In addition, Tuelo’s enchanting vocals and the choir reminds me of “The Circle of Life” from Disney’s “The Lion King” with the same chanting background that Disney followed from South African and West African traditional folk music. Furthermore, a few lyrics stood out to me in this song:

Regarding my heart at this time

It seeks to survive, not to thrive

Regarding my heart in the cold

Come summer, come quickly, come home

Because Tuelo is singing to herself in the music video about seeking happiness within herself, these lyrics are connected to the music video by the setting’s choice. Tuelo is in a deep crimson velvet dress in a dining room, setting up the table herself for a party of one: her. In the video, she is trying to come to terms with her loneliness and yet, she is still coping despite wanting to heal quickly. The video is an excellent portrayal of the song’s emotional message and complementary to the composition of the rock-folk genre!

About Tuelo’s Second Album

Photo Credit by Tuelo Minah 

This album has been the way that I could explain a life I thought was over. It has been the way I could explain a love I thought could be the only one. I could be silent.  After many years of fear as a migrant alone, I had a story to tell, and when it came to my heart I needed to remind myself that I am deserving of some kind of love.” Tuelo

Tuelo’s second studio album, “Regarding My Heart” is a journey about her beginnings as an artist to where she is today by incorporating elements from her South African culture and her love for the rock-folk genre! The project is a raw, exposed portrayal of Tuelo’s artistry that simply is a treat to listen to. In addition, each song on the tracklist is an increasing build-up from the last one to emphasize and give audiences the impression that Tuelo has more to tell. With help from multi Grammy-award winning producer, Robbie Nelson, guitar producer Kirk Schoenherr, Kevin Wenzel, and Tuelo’s sisters, the album is an outstanding body of work that highlights Tuelo as the artist and as the person.

About Tuelo

Photo Credit: Tuelo Minah

Born in rural South Africa, Tuelo was raised in a large family and close-knit community despite the political landscape at the time. At age 17, she moved to New York City where she made appearances on The Late Show with David Letterman as a background vocalist for Paul Simon and Angelique Kidjo’s Eve and Sings. Then, Tuelo’s debut studio album, “The Life of Margaret Cornelius” was released in 2022 and was highly praised by the National Public Radio (NPR) and the Recording Academy (rightfully deserved!) Along with her second album, Tuelo hosts a podcast called, “A Songwriter’s Journal” where she talks about her creative process for music! Lastly, here is the tracklist of “Regarding My Heart album:

01. Regarding My Heart (Chant)

02. Regarding My Heart

03. Some Kind of Love (Chant)

04. Some Kind of Love

05. Green Light (Chant)

06. Green Light

07. Enemy of Love (Chant)

08. Enemy of Love

09. Bitter Weeping (Chant)

10. Bitter Weeping

11. My Friend Saba (Chant)

12. My Friend Saba

13. Some Kind of Love (Piano)

14. Audio Journal

For more information and updated content about Tuelo, follow her social media (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube) and website!

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