R&B Singer Klay Cartier Releases ‘On The Low’

R&B Singer Klay Cartier Releases ‘On The Low’

Emerging US-born vocalist and songwriter Klay Cartier released his new single, ‘On The Low’, on the 21st of September 2023 via Kult Klassic Studios. The Midwestern artist has gained support from numerous tastemaker publications, including CLASH Magazine, NOTION Magazine, WordPlay Magazine, Music Crowns, CLOUT, and more. With an almost irresistible and soulful allure, Cartier is influenced by the likes of Drake, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder, creating music akin to artists such as Childish GambinoCimo Fränkel, and Frank Ocean. Keeping up the momentum, ‘On The Low’ has already premiered and received support from EARMILK.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, born in East St. Louis, Illinois, USA, Klay Cartier was raised in music by his mother who exposed him to a diversity of genres, an education that would later manifest in his own work. Originally, he was solely intent on being just a rapper until those close to him urged him to stick to singing. And although he is technically a singer, Klay Cartier is more of a feeling than an artist. Eliciting soulful goosebumps to all who listen, Cartier shifted from taking himself too seriously to having fun with his music, sharing personal stories and anecdotes that the audience can resonate with. And for Klay, that’s the beauty of music: strangers making melodies, creating harmonies, and telling stories that captivate listeners. With a soft, smooth voice, he delivers passionate music, telling a story with every note, verse, and key.

‘On The Low’ is no different, as Klay stamps his unique personality and brash bravado on the record. Soulful, sultry and gyrating, it’s loaded with lyrical sauce, with Cartier flexing his vocal muscles over a simmering and dreamy R&B beat. His voice is crisp and velvety, with a strong yet delicate sonic undertone that surrounds the listener. Exploring the topic of forbidden love, Klay Cartier refuses to hold back, candidly referencing a lover who may or may not belong to him and their romantic explorations, emboldening her to keep their relationship ’hush-hush’ as they go about their provocative adventures. His dazzling candor is felt in his raw and unapologetic delivery, as his soulful voice oozes an almost effortless timbre alongside his vivid and sensual storytelling. It harkens back to the old days of classic R&B, emitting a nostalgic fervor that is hard to beat.   

Klay Cartier had this to say: “I’m so excited about this release because I’m finally giving people what they want. I’m showcasing my natural ability in R&B and I’m bringing back that classic R&B. This song is sexy, sultry and definitely an ode to the early 00’s R&B.” Here is Klay Cartier’s Instagram Page as well!

                                                                                    Image credit: Rachael Baker @RWPhotography

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