Continuing to stir up buzz and acclaim throughout the culture, rising alt-R&B artist and Alabama native NOBY unveils a brand new blissful single entitled “Let Me Drown” today.

The track layers mesmerizing chimes above uplifting piano and a sparse, loose beat. Atop this sonic backdrop, he flexes his versatility as a vocalist. He leans into the production with enchanting melodic delivery on the verses before confidently carrying the chorus, “I heard it taste like water, let me drown. It highlights the nuances of his dynamic and diverse approach to R&B.

It notably lands on the heels of “Before.” Beyond plugs from the likes of BET and more, THISISRNB praised, “Vulnerable displays like what he did on ‘Before,’ shows that he’s been taking notes from the veterans before his time.” Not to mention, we hailed him as the, “R&B Music Newest Sensation.”

In 2020 NOBY released The Truesta gorgeous, patient record that showcased his unimpeachable voice and knack for building and releasing tension. (The Truest includes breakout hit “What You Want,” which introduced NOBY to hundreds of thousands of listeners in a single stroke.) He’s also brought that ability to control the mood of a room into the physical realm, joining Yung Bleu on tour, helping export his unique sound to the world. With “Before,” NOBY proves he can construct a full realized universe all his own.

About Noby:

Inspired by the sounds of rock music and gospel that he grew up listening to, NOBY, a singer-songwriter, and producer hailing from Alabama is currently creating his own version of alt R&B. As a songwriter, he unleashes compelling, narrative-driven songs that expose his innermost ideals on love, heartbreak and more. In 2020 he released his project The Truest. He’d later connect with GRAMMY Award-nominated rapper/singer Yung Bleu. The two collaborated on the track “Come By At 12” and NOBY would later join Yung Bleu on tour. NOBY a college-grad engineer uses his affinity for mathematics to create his music fully grasping the concept of production. 

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