PxFios Present Ella Mai

PxFios Present Ella Mai


A native to the UK, Lady Mai returned back to NYC to grace the popular Pandora and Verizon stage last night on December 12th, 2018. New York seems a good place as any for the Grammy nominated star to do her last performance of the year. The crowd and fans got lost to song inspired drinks as well as Ella Mia up-tempo harmonies. These free events sponsored by Pandora allows an artist fans to see them ( artist) in a whole new light.

Ironically, I feel there is more of a connection with the artist at these smaller scale events vs watching them at a MSG or other performance concert theaters.

Call me crazy, but I feel artist are less up tight, more free and excited to perform for an intimate smaller crowd . I almost felt as if Ella Mai knew every one in the crowd and she was home literally and emotionally.

I will not lie, I am not the biggest fan of Ella Mai, meaning I do not know all of her songs ; however like the previous events by Pandora, I feel it is a chance to get to know an artist and their music. Once Ella Mai finished her performance, I was under the impression sis is far from a one hit wonder and one trick pony.


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