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Lil Uzi Vert has released his new rock/hip hop album Pink Tape which became the first No.1  rap album of the year after debuting at No. 1 on the US Albums chart. Uzi’s album sold 165k units in the first week.

Uzi has evolved as an artist since his arrival to the music scene in 2015. He has put out a bundle of gold and platinum records such as Sauce It Up, The Way Life Goes, Ps & Qs, and Do What I Want. He also has his most notorious song XO Tour Llif3 that went diamond on Dec. 7, 2022.

The Pink Tape features artist such as Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, Don Toliver, BABYMETAL, and Bring Me The Horizon.

This album is a different kind of Uzi that we haven’t heard before. He has changed his appearance which has transferred over into his music. He now has this werewolf persona now and throughout his album, he makes werewolf noises in songs. 

The werewolf persona is the best version of Uzi. He is more of a rockstar than ever making moshpit-type music. From experiencing seeing him at The Summer Smash 2023 in Chicago in June, Uzi is a rockstar. He previewed songs from the Pink Tape and made these werewolf noises that got the crowd hyped and eventually, he got hyped and did a front flip into the crowd. 

The album contains different types of genres such as hip-hop, dance, and rock. This album features his hit song I Just Wanna Rock. 

The best song on the album is Suicide Doors. This song has the potential to go platinum. This song has much base in it and can gravitate the crowd to moshpit.  

Other great songs on the album are Spin Again, Crush Em, That Fiya, and Amped. That Fiya is a song that everyone should blast in the car or a speaker.

Overall this is a good album with concert and party-type music that will light up a crowd. The first 10 songs of the album are the most hyped songs on the album. Songs 11-26 are good songs but I Just Wanna Rock is the only song from the bunch that hype you up. 

Uzi has announced he will be going on tour in October. His first stop is in Minneapolis, MN and his last stop is in his hometown of Philadelphia, PA. Tickets are available on ticket master

Here’s a grade of Pink Tape:

  1. Flooded the Face: 7
  2. Suicide Doors: 10
  3. Aye (feat. Travis Scott): 6
  4. Crush Em: 9
  5. Amped: 10
  6. X2: 10
  7. Died and Came Back: 8
  8. Spin Again: 10
  9. That Fiya: 10
  10. I Gotta: 8
  11. Endless Fashion (feat Nicki Minaj): 8
  12. Mama, I’m Sorry: 6
  13. All Alone: 7
  14. Nakamura: 7
  15. Just Wanna Rock: 10
  16. Fire Alarm: 7
  17. CS: 8
  18. Werewolf (feat. Bring Me The Horizon): 6
  19. Pluto to Mars: 7
  20. Patience (feat. Don Toliver): 6
  21. Days Come and Go: 7
  22. Rehab:7
  23. The End (feat. BABYMETAL): 7
  24. Zoom (Bonus Track): 7
  25. Of Course (Bonus Track):7
  26. Shardai (Bonus Track): 8


Overall:  B

Feature Image Credit: Atlantic Records

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