Phoebe Bridgers: 2023 Woman of the Year

Phoebe Bridgers: 2023 Woman of the Year

Phoebe Bridgers was announced as one of TIME Magazine 2023 Women of the Year. Bridgers is one of music’s most iconic artists. She has set on a path within the industry that is both immersively her own and musically auspicious. She now stands as one of the many women honored by the publication for their many distinctive accomplishments.  

Who is Phoebe Bridgers?

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The singer-songwriter comes widely known for both her acoustic guitar lines and haunting vocals. The indie-rock artist’s musical decisions include a collection of electronic arrangements, airy compositions, and an almost melancholic lyricism. She has garnered a widely ranging audience for her honest songwriting. Some of her popular songs include “Scott Street” and “I Know The End.” Both songs share a similar folk ballad; however, the latter song carries the same apocalyptic tune that many of her tracks carry. The highly acclaimed indie artist’s songs possess a sad yet beautiful aura. She instills her perspectives on life, love, and the world through her music. Her tracks hold introspective lyricism that blends honesty with melody. While her often bleak lyrics may seem too negative, her personal songwriting has found her success. 

TIME’s 2023 Women of the Year

TIME described Bridgers as strong willed and honest. She has used both her platform and music to help different initiatives including Women’s Rights. However, she has also advocated for the trans rights and and police abolition. She was a clear advocate for abortion rights when the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade. The singer covered the song “Iris” in response alongside Maggie Rogers, donating the proceeds. Bridgers’ accolade as Woman of the Year comes in honor of her commitment to both activism and lyrical truth. She is honored alongside Megan Rapinoe, Quinta Brunson, and Angela Bassett. 

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