Pendulum X & Bullet For My Valentine Rework Halo

Halo Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Artist

Pendulum X & Bullet For My Valentine Rework Halo

The collaboration between metal veterans Bullet for My Valentine and platinum-selling Pendulum, “Halo”, is getting reworked for a new version officially releasing on August 9th. The Welsh heavy metal band, also known as BFMV, teamed up with the Australian electronic rock band to release the original version of Halo this previous June. During its first week of release alone, it amassed 1.16 million streams. The 2.7 million monthly Spotify listeners of Pendulum and the 4.5 million of Bullet for My Valentine have now streamed the song over 4 million times on Spotify alone. It is getting a second chance due to popular demand and an overwhelming response from radio.

There is no question about the visible commercial success of “Halo,” once it is listened to. The fantastically bombastic and heart-pounding song is fast-paced electronic heavy metal. When Rob Swire, the frontman of Pendulum, first teased the track on Instagram before its official release, people, including casual fans, asked him about it. Speaking on the song, he said, “I’ve always tried to create music that sounds like the apocalypse and with ‘Halo’, we’ve gotten closer than ever before.”

With the new version, the Matt Tuck Rework, the same response can be expected. “Halo” feels like a true collaboration between Bullet for My Valentine and Pendulum, with each band combining their respective sounds. Matt Tuck offers a ferocious delivery throughout the verses as he delivers a soaring vocal over the chorus. Pendulum backs Tuck with an intense arrangement. The added electronic instrumentals and extra chorus make the song feel more complete. Fans can get excited as the new version comes in at 3:20 opposed to the original 2:47 seconds.

“Halo” is the only song that Bullet for My Valentine will release in 2023 as they are set to begin a tour in the fall. The song will appear on the EP of Pendulum to be released later this year. The new and “heavy” “Halo” (Matt Tuck Rework), releasing on all major platforms on August 9th, is sure to hold off fans until then.

Featured Image Credit: Courtesy of Artist

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