Music Artist Glaive Is One To Watch

Music Artist Glaive Is One To Watch

Glaive By Madeleine Hordinski/Los Angeles Times

Music artist Ash Gutierrez, professionally known as Glaive has been living out his dream since the pandemic. Glaive who was attending high school virtually from his home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Caroline, due to the COVID-19 pandemic grades were suffering. In an interview with Los Angeles Times he said, “It was awful, education-wise.” In the background of his song “Stephany”, you can hear one of his teachers talking. “That’s when I started making music. So if that school year didn’t happen – if it didn’t suck as bad as it did – then who knows what I’d be doing right now?”

Glaive’s Latest Release

Glaive recently released old dog, new tricks, a deluxe version of his second EP all dogs go to heaven. The first eight tracks on old dog, new tricks remain the same to the eighth on all dogs go to heaven. His single from November 2021 “prick” is also featured on this deluxe EP. The four new tracks are titled “lap #1,” “icarus,” “justlikeu4theimage,” and “walking around with no hands.”

Glaive is a vocalist, songwriter, and producer for his songs. His distorted beats and energy can be heard in all his songs, but especially this deluxe. What started off as releasing a song on SoundCloud has turned into him touring the United States. Some of the tour stops include major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York.

The Inspiration Behind Glaive and His Music

Glaive receives inspiration from many, but his biggest comes from Lil Peep. He told Los Angeles Times “The guitars and trap drums and heavy 808s – I’d never heard anything like that before.” After Lil Peep’s death in 2017 at the young age of 21, left him feeling confused. “I felt like I lost someone I knew, which is kind of corny. But it was a lot” said Glaive.

Listen below to his latest release old dog, new tricks now.

old dog, new tricks By Glaive

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