Missing Someone? Listen to alldei’s Track “Nikano”

alldei members Ørumari and Kudoshi [cred: press release]

Missing Someone? Listen to alldei’s Track “Nikano”

alldei ‘s Malaysian creators Ørumari and Kudoshi call themselves a “vibration” and “foundation of creative energy.”

The two formed a strong connection over their shared love for aesthetics and unique tastes in music, food, and more. They bonded deeply over their understanding of life. Now, together they forge on, documenting their experiences through music and art.   

For the past year, alldei has consistently created and released music. All this music, their eight-track untitled project, is on their YOUTUBE CHANNEL and SOUNDCLOUD. On their Instagram page, each track has an average of 10,000 views. Their song “Life” leads with 300,000 views and was actually the first Malaysian song featured in Rolling Stone.

Newest Single “Nikano”

On July 31, alldei’s first year anniversary, the group released their single “Nikano,” featuring Tactmatic. The title of the song directly translates to “you’re missing” in Tamil.

In “Nikaro,” alldei expresses the importance of rising above judgment, especially in societies built to tear people down. This love song is calming to the ears. Even on the first listen, when I did not yet understand the lyrics, I could still appreciate the relaxation and emotion the song brings about. 


Having read the translated lyrics, I can appreciate the song further because I understand more of the message.  

To me, these express pursuit of not only a particular loved one but also of a general sense of inner peace and liberation. Check out the full lyrics and English translation on their Instagram post HERE

Listen as their beautifully crafted first few beats and sound effects perfectly introduce “Nikano” by surrounding you with a sense of longing, but also of peace.

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