Lollapalooza Day Four: Muddy Shoes

Lana Del Rey performs at Lollapalooza by Pooneh Ghana via @lollapalooza instagram

Lollapalooza Day Four: Muddy Shoes

While Day Four maintained the theme of soggy hair and mud up to the knees, it was still giving what it needed to give! Sunday, August 6th, the final day of Lollapalooza, was the finale of all finales, with every vocalist singing like their rent was due, and rappers doing the same. 

Killer Performances

The first performance of the day for this writer was Nola Adé, a Nigerian-American singer-songwriter that brought immaculate Afro-soul vibes to her section of the Chicago-Made set on the Bacardí stage. Nola’s interview with The Garnette Report can be read below!

After the conclusion of the remainder of the Chicago-Made sets, many made their way to the Bud Light stage to watch the impressively punk Upsahl perform. Upsahl’s stage presence and ability to connect with the audience was intoxicating and left few able to resist vibing out to “Drugs”, dancing around during “Lunatic”, and throwing up their middle fingers for the chorus of “Lady Jesus”. This was also Upsahl’s second time performing at Lollapalooza, the first being in 2019.

Upsahl performs at Lollapalooza
Upsahl performs at Lollapalooza by @aubreeestrella

Read more about what she describes as her full circle moment in Upsahl’s sit-down interview with the Garnette Report!

Crowdmainia at Lollapalooza

Later, a perfect end to the day followed with a smooth continuation of must-see performances. From 3:30 to 4:30 Australian DJ Wax Motif performed his electrifying set on the Perry’s stage. Then, Lil Yachty amassed such a large crowd for his performance that the sheer number of people stretched from the Bud Light to Tito’s stages and outward into the streets!

Lil Yachty performs at Lollapalooza
Lil Yachty performs at Lollapalooza Via @joshuadixonphotography

Then Joey Bada$$ performed on the Tito’s stage. And, similar to what happened with Kendrick Lamar and Jessie Reyez, despite the undeniable stardom that Joey Bada$$ possesses nor the quality performance he gave, there was no stopping the crowds from parting ways with Joey just a bit before he was through, in order to get over to the T-Mobile stage at the other end of Grant Park in time for THE: A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

When I tell you festival-goers were up to their knees and beyond covered in mud and continued to run through piles more without a care, in order to sing along to “Look Back At It”, and “Pills and Automobiles”. 

From Waffles to Tears

Finally, after I nearly lost my hearing from the hundreds of fans screaming along to “Drowning” at the top of their lungs, I, at last, made it to my pick of the two finale headliners of the final day of Lolla. While everyone had their choice between the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lana Del Rey, I couldn’t deny the queen of sad girl vibes for our generation Ms. Del Rey!

Although I went into the performance, just like many others, still wondering why on Earth the last time I saw this woman she was clocking out of a shift at The Waffle House, I left not having a care in the world apart from how whimsical that woman is. From “Young and Beautiful”, to “Born to Die” and “Summertime Sadness”, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the park, nor a life that felt incomplete!

Click here for The Garnette Report’s Interviews with Nola, Upsahl, and Wax Motif.

Featured image by Pooneh Ghana via @lollapalooza Instagram

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