Lies by Star2 Single Review

Lies by Star2 Single Review

A San Diego rising pop sensation, Star2, has blended various musical styles and compelling storytelling for his new single, “Lies” that was released on December 15. “Lies” by Star2 is the third release from his upcoming pop album, “Shooting Stars”!

“Lies” by Star2 Song Review

Star2’s new three-minute single, “Lies” has a consistent acoustic vibe that follows with his raw, acapella vocals. Then, the echo of his vocals and emotional lyric delivery enhances the composition. For example, one highlight lyric from his song is “Honestly, you never really care for me.” The lyric embodies the meaning of the production of how a relationship can turn cold in the wake of betrayal, a countermove from the traditional holiday romance fantasy.

The harmonies adds more depth to this piece because Star2 is implying that the past is still haunting him. The past wounds and happy memories are building up to the chorus of the song, “Lie to you that is something that I can’t never do.” But, Star2 continues the chorus with this lyric, “Lie to me, that’s what you do to me.”

“We’ve all been there,” he said. “It hurts so bad!”

“Lies” by Star2 Music Video Review

In addition, for this song, Star2 is reflecting nostalgically on a past relationship that a solid foundation. However, the base fell through the pending cracks in before his eyes. The music video reflects the sentiments of the composition.

Firstly, the video begins with Star2 and his love interest leaving voicemails to one another, initiating the beginning of the song. Afterwards, the camera spans around Star2 in a gloomy setting to portray the betrayal aspect of the relationship the song is representing. Also, throughout the video, there are snapshots of the couple’s memories together. Then, the snapshots fade away to their inner turmoil with one another in the present. For example, the couple captured a selfie together while creating funny facial poses. All of a sudden, the love interest is fiddling her spoon in her cereal bowl. Without Star2 realizing, her love for him is diminishing.

Lastly, the video ends with the love interest burning a photo of the couple. Then, both of them are in the same color hue of blue to reflect the broken bond between them. Overall, the video creates an apparent reflection of the song’s meaning while adding the effects of deception on a relationship, specifically an engagement.

Introducing Star2

Star2 is in Thailand visiting his home, the Mae La refugee camp. His life began when he was forced to flee genocide from the Burmese army in Myanmar. Then, a lottery in the camp brought his grandmother and four children, including him, to live in san Diego, California.

In addition, under Chico Bennett’s mentorship, Star2 has became an influential figure in Asian-American music by using storytelling and visuals to draw different aspects on his life. As a matter of fact, he documents his journey in his popular YouTube series, “Adventures of Star2”! In the meantime, check out an episode here!

Star2 recalls how his most significant collaborations in music were with other Thai refugees that share similar musical styles, for example, Chinatown Runner. Comparatively, he collaborated with musicians such as Soulja Boy, $tupid Young, Lil Poppa, YSN Flow, and MarMar Oso to name a few. Above all, Star2 has received high praise from publications such as BET, Lyrical Lemonade, Ones to Watch, Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam, GQ Magazine, Earmilk, and HotNewHipHop!

Therefore, be on the lookout for Star2’s upcoming album, “Shooting Stars” on music streaming platforms!

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