Lake Hills X Frythm Shares ‘Across The Room’

Lake Hills X Frythm Shares ‘Across The Room’

The collaboration between powerhouse producers LAKE HILLS X FRYTHM is set to coalesce in the release of their EP, Across The Room, on the 2nd of February 2024 via Alpha Pup Records. Two singles, ‘Safer With You’ and ‘Over You’, served as tasters for this upcoming project, which has been mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Daddy Kev (Ross From FriendsFlying LotusShigeto). Frythm and Lake Hills were responsible for the EP production and mixing.

Frythm’s beats have received previous support from the likes of BBC Radio 6’s Tom RavenscroftComplex UKKEXP, and more. The pair have already blazed their own individual trails across the US; with Lake Hills recently appearing at iii Points Miami, as well as collaborating with Ivy Lab on the IFG Tour

Right from the initial session, the two producers shared laughter, danced, and savored every moment together with ease. Frythm identifies this camaraderie as the catalyst for the project’s theme, where they mutually committed to creating things they individually enjoyed, while having a great time in the process. They deliberately maintained a low-stress environment in the studio, supporting each other through both the highs and lows. During the writing process, the duo cultivated a deep trust in each other’s creative instincts, giving rise to this thrillingly experimental endeavor in a natural and organic manner.

As Lake Hills x Frythm, the duo have deftly danced between genres like experimental house, techno, IDM and more in their collaborations. Across The Room spans six tracks, a range of genres and a host of moods: from the high-BPM, atmospheric euphoria of ‘Safer With You’ to the glitchy introspection of ‘Over You’ to the 90s Eurodance club-readiness of ‘Diamonds’, there’s something for all fans of off-kilter beats hereThe focus track, sharing its title with the EP, is a dark, ambient journey through many genres and features delicate, sultry vocals from Chinese-American singer-songwriter, producer, DJ, and musician Seyaa.

Frythm revealed: “The process of writing this EP with Jake [Lake Hills]  felt very organic. We’ve been in each other’s creative spheres for quite some time now. We’ve always talked about creating music together, and after a few years a project finally came to fruition. The project seems to have come at a synchronistic time for both of us. Over the last few years, we’ve individually been building our sonic and visual palettes. The record is a true culmination of both our sounds. Jake, coming from a techno and house background, really helped elevate the arrangement of these compositions. It’s a well rounded piece and gives room for play, contemplation, and high energy moments. I learned a lot from him throughout the process and am grateful for the music we created. There were a lot of laughs, fun, and experimentation in making this record together and I think this EP reflects all of those emotions.” 

                                                            Image credit of LAKE HILLS X FRYTHM: Alex Casillas

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