Lake Hills X Frythm Are ‘Safer With You’

Lake Hills X Frythm Are ‘Safer With You’

Multi-instrumentalist and electronic producer Frythm has teamed up with LA-based experimental artist Lake Hills on a sizzling new track, ‘Safer with You’ released on 8 December. As Lake Hills x Frythm, the duo have collaboratively infused techno-house rhythms with drum and bass grit. Frythm’s beats have in the past received support from the likes of BBC Radio 6 presenter Tom RavenscroftComplex UKKEXP, and more. The pair have already blazed their own individual trails across the US; with Lake Hills recently appearing at iii Points Miami, as well as collaborating with Ivy Lab on the IFG TourFrythm most recently performed at Leaving Records’ popular alfresco Listen to Music Outside in the Daylight under a Tree as well as multiple bills for Daddy Kev‘s outstanding LA weekly Scenario with artists Little Snake and St. Panther.

‘Safer with You’ is an earworm of heartfelt melodics; as the acid clap drills into your brain, ethereal vocal samples waft and waver into the air. Scheduled for release on December 8th via Alpha Pup Records and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Daddy Kev (Ross From FriendsFlying LotusShigetoFrythm and Lake Hills produced and mixed the track themselves. After exploring their respective electronic avenues, their dreamy collab explores a range of atmospherically liquid house beats to techno-driven four-on-the-floor kicks. The smooth textures gel seamlessly with a hard-biting low-end as resonating pads come back, and back again for more. Whilst writing, the duo established a close trust in each other’s creative directions; organically birthing this excitingly experimental effort. This collab is the Texas-born artist Frythm’s latest project after releasing his second album Flow to critical acclaim in 2020. 

This Lake Hills X Frythm collaboration comes fresh off the back of Lake Hill’s latest EP ‘Blush‘ via Twenty Twenty London. It features ominous tones hinting at nostalgia and anticipation, surrounding low-end rhythms and repetitive drum patterns. The collaborative work is artist Frythm’s latest project after releasing two well-received singles ‘Portals.022222’  and ‘VICIS27’. For fans of irreverent beatmakers such as Nosaj Thing, Flying Lotus, and Flume.

From the very first session, the two producers laughed, danced, and enjoyed each moment. Frythm notes this as the driving factor behind the theme of the project, where both of them decided to make things they each liked and have a good time whilst doing it. They ensured there was never any high-pressure stress in the studio. Relying on each other for both the highs, and the lows. Trusting the process as they went.

Frythm heartily remarked about the collab project, “I remember sending this one to Jake [Lake Hills] and him immediately texting me: “We [are] ascending to the heavens haha!”. Another moment of us just having fun with it. The vocal sample was resurrected from an old session I had with LA singer/DJ Seyaa. Constructed during the witching hour themed around feeling safe and comfortable with someone that you love.”

“‘Safer With You’ was crafted with a deep sense of love emanating from our hearts, and I believe the video reflects that sentiment. Jake and I find ourselves amidst significant life changes, with him embarking on the journey of starting a family and me rediscovering the bond with my mom and sister after a period of separation. The video serves not only as a source of aesthetic stimulation but also as a reflective space, inviting you to contemplate the comforting embrace felt in the presence of those we hold dear. The nostalgic clips provide a glimpse into the lives of Jake and I, offering a heartfelt narrative of our experiences.” – Frythm x Lake Hills

Image Credit: Raymond Alva & Chelsea Voung

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