Joey Bada$$ Returns With New Album “2000”

Joey Bada$$ Returns With New Album “2000”

Image via Joey Bada$$ (@joeybadass) on Instagram

It’s been 5 years since Joey Bada$$ last dropped a solo album. The Brooklyn rapper originally announced that his new album “2000” would drop on June 17th. However, he announced that because of issues with getting samples cleared, he had to postpone the release to a later date. Joey gave his fans new singles over the course of the wait, releasing “Head High”, “Where I Belong”, “Survivors Guilt” and “Zipcodes”. The album also plays an homage to “1999”, Joey’s first project he released back in 2012.

The project features a variety of artists, with Diddy, Westside Gunn, Larry June, Chris Brown, Capella Grey, and JID all making an appearance on the album. The album is 14 tracks long and provides a bouquet of emotions, showing how Joey felt while making each song.

Image via Joey Bada$$ (@joeybadass) on Instagram

Album Breakdown

Much of the beginning tracks in “2000” is Joey rapping about his lifestyle and how he approaches life. He also talks about life in Brooklyn and some of the issues Brooklyn faces and his upbringing. It’s most evident in tracks like “Cruise Control” and “Eulogy”.

Moving further down the project, the track “Welcome Back” with Chris Brown & Capella Grey gives a pop R&B-feel to the song, giving listeners a different sound from the majority of the album. The vocals by Capella Grey, reminiscent of Ty Dolla $ign’s singing, and Chris Brown give the song a sensual feeling. Right after that, the track “Show Me” is the opposite of the lustful “Welcome Back”. “Show Me’ is Joey rapping about wanting a relationship where both partners are open about their feelings. The track pins down on trust and transparency in a relationship, which Joey seeks.

In the penultimate track “Survivor’s Guilt”, Joey raps about how he struggles with continuing with life without his friend Capital Steez. Referred to as Steelo throughout the track, Joey talks about how it hurts progressing with music and life without someone who was the most influential to his start in music. He later raps about losing his cousin and how their deaths loom over his head. Throughout the chorus, the words “This one is for you” is sung in a loop, further delivering the message.


The album shows growth from Joey Bada$$ over the 5 years since the release of “ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$”. Sonically speaking, it’s more mellow than his second studio album, with a more jazz rap feel to it. But it also displays Joey reflecting back on his life. “2000” allows for Joey to speak his mind on how his life is going. He opens about topics that are heavy, but it’s therapeutic. It’s a great project that focuses on the concept of growth in life, essentially documenting Joey’s progression in life and his feelings on what’s thrown at him.

“2000” by Joey Bada$$ via Spotify

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