IRONTOM Are Causing “Common Chaos” With New Single

IRONTOM Are Causing “Common Chaos” With New Single

Today, LA’s most notorious derelicts IRONTOM release their new single and video “Common Chaos.” A song about accidentally adapting to how weird they let life get, the raucous rock offering sees the band getting baptized by the Illuminati, taking LSD at the DMV, and getting endless texts from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In case you wondered if Donnie Darko could get any weirder, enter the official video for “Common Chaos” directed by Amalia Irons. Picking up where their last music video left off in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, the cut begins with the band’s version of Jeff Bezos discovering them passed out while he snacks away on deli items. Fueled by the weird, the mundane, not-so-subtle subliminal messaging, and a demented Easter bunny, the video is unsettling on every level possible.

Attempting to bring any sort of sense to today’s release, the band shared, “We were living in a full-blown mansion, basically squatting. The real estate agent would come by every now and again and we would hide in the bathroom. Unemployment was in full-swing, and we were thoroughly enjoying the benefits, putting the funds to use down at Erewhon and the vape shop. Zach had to go to the DMV to get his 2010 Ford Ranger registered. Harry was shoulder tapping for liquor… these things were common to us at the time.”

IRONTOM is here to be critical of the whole world and everything wrong with it, while simultaneously acknowledging that that includes them. They want to watch the world burn while they pee on the fire. Truths are stretched and lies exist to be satirized in their musical realm. Like a car crash, whether amazed or appalled, no one can look away from the psychedelic world IRONTOM leads listeners through. 

Back in April, IRONTOM released their self-aware nihilistic fantasy “Con Artist” and its accompanying videoSir Elton John recently praised the absurdity of the track on his Apple Music Rocket Hour show. IRONTOM were also the guest DJs on Red Hot Chili Peppers’ SiriusXM channel this month. This Fall, the band will join AWOLNATION on the road for a run of shows and then head to Latin America for tour dates with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. All tour info here and below. Check out our previous coverage on Irontom here.

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