Introducing Glam Graham

Introducing Glam Graham


From The Beginning

Glam Graham is an up-and-coming rap artist hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, a central location to rap history. She began writing raps when she was only 8 years old. Since then, she gained even more determination and ambition but put her rap career aside to focus on raising her young son. Glam faced many challenges after that and received little to no support from family or friends. The rapper spent some time homeless, living out of cars and motel rooms with her son, doing the best she could do. She made money for exotic dancing and being part of the escort industry. She was doing all of this while staying in college, putting her son as her main priority. Once the rapper’s son turned 18, she got herself back into the studio and on track for a successful career. Since then, Glam Graham has released a total of 9 singles.


Build A B*TCH Workshop

Glam Graham is open about the many struggles endured in her journey. She is one of the first rappers to record and document her ride on achieving looks that make her feel most confident. Over the past year, she created a Youtube channel called “Build A B*TCH Workshop”, capturing all of her moments along this journey. Popular culture has become superficial in many ways, and Glam is one of the first women to defy it. These videos capture raw stories of her treatments, surgeries, and procedures. The rapper responds to questions about her dramatic weight loss and speaks with grace and dignity on what makes her feel like herself. The rapper is becoming a leading voice for young women struggling with their own confidence and identity. With such a wholesome and virtuous story, it is hard not to love Glam Graham. You can check out “Build A B*TCH Workshop” here.

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