Hozier Releases Newest EP, “Eat Your Young”

Hozier Releases Newest EP, “Eat Your Young”

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Hozier released his latest EP “Eat Your Young.” This marks his first release of music since 2019 when he dropped his highly praised album “Wasteland Baby!” The folk artist, well known for his use of religious metaphors, has been a powerhouse success in the industry. This can be seen within his first 2013 single, “Take Me To Church.” Hozier has continued on this path of lyrical symbolism with this newest release. The singer dropped three new singles that have already garnered acclaim on social media outlets such as TikTok.

The Return of Hozier

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Hozier has been a conventionally popular music artist since his initial release of the highly acclaimed song “Take Me To Church.” The single amassed public praise, earning itself a Billboard Music Award and a nomination for Song of The Year at the 2015 GRAMMYs. Since then the artist has released two albums, including his Self-Titled and “Wasteland Baby!” Hozier isn’t the conventional folk artist. He is known for experimenting with soul music, rock, and also the occasional indie blues. Many of his songs carry a religious theme that has cemented Hozier as a literary lyricist.  The Irish singer has been vocal about his music being an amplifier of social issues. Many of his tracks cover discrimination, homosexuality, and sexual abuse.  

“Eat Your Young” – The Review:

The EP opens with the titular single “Eat Your Young.” The track is a mixture of instrumental folk, ballads, and lyrics that discuss the religious theme of gluttony. However, the single discusses the theme from a sexual lens. This is all while intertwining Dante’s poem on the 9 Circles of Hell. The latter two songs consist of tracks “All Things End” and “Through Me (The Flood).” Both songs feature an ascending instrumental line that crescendoes with a gospel choir at the end. This religious theme continues throughout the EP and it serves it beautifully. Hozier’s next album “Unreal Unearth” releases this summer along with a 2023 tour. 

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