Highwayves Releases ‘Evie’!

Highwayves Releases ‘Evie’!

HIGHWAYVES (HWYVES) are from the North West and have honed a sound that races from spacious to suffocating, combining the dark aggression of grunge with dreamlike swathes of shoegaze. Each piece punctuated with intimate, poetic lyricism that feel both personal yet incredibly universal. HIGHWAYVES are unashamedly earnest, laying bare their deepest emotions for all to join in a form of collective catharsis.

HIGHWAYVES take an obsessive approach to their art; writing, recording, and producing their own music as well as writing, directing and editing their videos. Their uncompromising approach is the key to creating an unassailable connection with their audience.

New HIGHWAYVES single “EVIE” is a slick, fuzzed-up track that soars to epic heights. A tidal wave of gritty emotion and effervescent guitars, it’s impossible not to get swept up in the track’s chorus as it twists and turns through its verses of underbelly episodes which conjure 90s nostalgia shot through to full raw power into a highly charged energy that lifts the track through to an intense whirlwind of scream-a-long anthem levels.

On the darker tones underpinning the track, HIGHWAYVES lead singer & lyricist Brad explains; “EVIE’ is heavily based on people I knew growing up who turned to drugs as a form of escapism. It’s endemic for young people where I grew up to feel a sense of entrapment and stagnation when they hit their late teens/early 20s. This is especially true if you’re drawn to city life and have a desire to be in a place where things happen. A lot of the time this manifests itself in a way that makes these kids do everything they can when they get an opportunity, whether that be drugs, sex… whatever.”

He continues, “Most people come out the other side more or less unscathed. But some people really fuck up their lives. I’ve been really close to people who have gone far down that road, it can get really really dark. Luckily those people close to me came back around and have gone on to lead great lives, but a lot never get that chance. It can happen to anyone and often it’s people you would never expect, people on the surface level who have a life that people would kill to have”.

“EVIE” wasn’t written to make a political point or say HIGHWAYVES have an answer to the issues that Brad has seen growing up. It’s not to criticise the people who this happens to, and it’s certainly not to romanticise the lifestyle but the track is here to shine a light on it and say, “Look, this is happening. We can’t deny that it’s happening, and it can happen to anyone.”

HIGHWAYVES will be heading on tour in the UK in 2024 and setting their sights further afield soon after. “EVIE” is the latest piece that will ultimately culminate in an album-length body of work in 2024.

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