Head In The Claud(s): ‘Super Monster,’ Tour Dates, and More!

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Head In The Claud(s): ‘Super Monster,’ Tour Dates, and More!


How would you like to be signed onto Phoebe Bridgers’ new record label? She, along with Dead Oceans, launched Saddest Factory Records just last October. Their first signed artist? Claud.

I remember listening to Claud very early on in their music career. I was hooked from the first trippy synths and mistily echo-y songs I heard: “Up At Night” and “Giving In.” I have been delighted to see them not only consistently release unique music since then, but to also watch them totally blow up. Claud now has over 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.   

Like many modern singer-songwriters, Claud began their career by casually uploading some songs onto SoundCloud and growing from there, discovering a deeper love for performing and making music as they went along.

Super Monster – Claud’s Debut Album

Now Claud, through Saddest Factory Records, has released their debut album ‘Super Monster.’ Full of unique synths that take you on a dreamy journey, ‘Super Monster’ is definitely worth playing and escaping into. “Soft Spot,” the most popular song on it, really hits the spot, and I can’t stop singing and bopping my head along to it. 

Claud’s music makes me want to emotionally gaze out of my car window thinking about some lost love. It’s the kind of music that, when it hits right, you can feel deep in your chest. You know the feeling. Heart-wrenching combinations of synths and a gorgeous voice allure listeners as if Claud were a mythical siren enchanting us. 


Claud’s Tour

Courtesy @claud.mp3

An artistic image Claud posted on Instagram advertising their upcoming live performance in Brooklyn


Get your tickets now, because Claud is going on tour this fall! They are traversing the United States from, among other cities, New York and Boston in September to Los Angeles and San Francisco in October and November. Then they will be going to Toronto, Paris, and a couple places in the United Kingdom. 

In addition to their album and upcoming tour, Claud has been working with friends Clairo, Josh Mehling, and Noa Frances Getzug in their new band Shelly

Claud wants you to make new memories to their songs. So go give them the support they deserve for all their diligent and fantastic work by listening to ‘Super Monster!’ You’ll be doing your ears and brain a favor. 

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