Gracie Abrams Releases New Single ‘Where do we go now?’


Gracie Abrams Releases New Single ‘Where do we go now?’


Photo Credits: Julie Patterson

Gracie Abrams released her newest single, “Where do we go now?” the first teaser from her debut album Good Riddance. Along with the announcement of her debut album Gracie also announced dates for a North American tour. Additionally, the tour will kick off this March, with special guest Tiny Habits.

About “Where do we go now?”

The new track is accompanied by a music video. Significantly, the music video is directed by Gia Coppola. In addition, the video gives visuals to the ambivalent emotions Gracie is feeling and working through. Coppola does an excellent job of capturing the feeling of unease and uncertainty that the song encapsulates. Moreover, this track is the perfect introduction to what will be Gracie’s biggest project to date. The track starts instantly roping listeners in while Gracie sings,

“24th street/Where you held me, grabbed my arm/What a mental fire alarm/Cause a lot of that felt wrong/Like I miss you/But when I kissed you back, I lied/You don’t know how hard I tried/Had to fake the longest time"

Her confessions and bravery are apparent in this new track. As a result of the soft vocals and honest lyrics, the story of a fading connection is told. As she sits with her thoughts and reflects, Gracie asks the question “Where do we go now?”

“Where do we go now?” Music Video

Gracie Abrams’s Upcoming Album

The highly anticipated debut album, Good Riddance, is set to drop on February 24th and is also produced by Aaron Dessner. In a statement, the 23-year-old wrote,

“Writing this record allowed me to grow up in ways I need to. It forced me to reflect and be accountable. It allowed me to walk away from versions of myself that I no longer recognized, it allowed me to let go.”

Gracie Abrams, 2023

Furthermore, tickets for her tour are available here.

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