Get Jovial With Joviale: ‘Hurricane Belle’ EP

Joviale singing and playing guitar (Instagram post, photo by @jcoomsby)

Get Jovial With Joviale: ‘Hurricane Belle’ EP

Joviale is a talented and multidisciplinary artist from North London. Their music surrounds the listener like a hazy, exciting dream, and their voice guides the listener into a colorful new world. However, they still have a relatively small fan base. 

Joviale’s hard work and creativity deserve recognition. Moreover, this artist will transport you into a magical, reflective state of mind. 

EP Hurricane Belle

This May, Joviale released their second EP Hurricane Belle [NEVER SEVEN]. To explain the name, Hurricane Belle is a fictional embodiment inspired by artist Peter Shenai’s “Hurricane Bells” project. Shenai created the experiment to remember Hurricane Katrina. He cast 5 bronze bells that modeled the structure of the hurricane over its trajectory. Additionally, the bells’ sounds represented the hurricane’s increasing power as it approached New Orleans. You can read more about his powerful project here.

But we want to know Joviale’s perspective. In an interview with Joviale, Griot Magazine asked about their choice to expand on Peter Shenai’s ideas. “I think the idea that an external force can articulate what happens internally is very fascinating. It’s used a lot in literature and film and I enjoyed the challenge of trying to capture this 3 minutes at a time,” Joviale responded.

In addition to creative music, Joviale also directed a video to accompany “Blow!,” the first single of their project. They want to expand as an artist into the visual arts. You can feel Joviale’s whole self, through multiple senses, in the EP, and that always makes music more powerful and meaningful.

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Joviale crafted a beautiful video, and the visual elements, like the dancing, match the musical cues and beat perfectly. As a result of visually and aurally affecting viewers, Joviale is able to truly engulf us into their creative world.

This talented upcoming artist impresses with their skilled musicality, lyricism, and visual artistry. So let Joviale take you on an otherworldly journey through their music, and keep your eyes and ears out for their future art!


Finally, check out Joviale’s Instagram account!

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