Floral Couches Shares ‘Xtra Mild’ Album

Floral Couches Shares ‘Xtra Mild’ Album

Nashville-based artist Cody Gray shares his music under the moniker Floral Couches and he just released his soulful and dreamy album, Xtra Mild. It’s a record that looks through his influences of psychedelia, bedroom pop, jazz, Motown, and more through a kaleidoscope while anchored by heavy use of his vintage Fender Rhodes piano.
Psychedelic Baby Magazine shared the album, who wrote, “With a blend of shimmering guitars, lush horns and flutes, entrancing synths, Rhodes keys, and emotive vocals, Floral Couches’ new sonic landscape promises both auditory and emotional resonance.”

Cody told the blog, “I had just recently moved my grandmother’s old piano into our Chicago apartment and decided to write songs entirely outside of my computer either sitting at the piano or on a guitar. Every song needed to be engaging with just a vocal and a single multi-voiced instrument. After years of being discouraged from attempting to DIY the album, I began reaching out to other Chicago artists to help mix and produce the album.”
Cody enlisted several friends and collaborators including several members from Late Nite Laundry for drums, production, and design, Zac Bron of Smooth Rogers, and then Post Animal’s Dalton Allison for mastering the album. The songs are personal but universal, with Cody singing about the low hum of anxiety while on vacation, how keeping up with the Joneses robs us of joy, and even a touching eulogy to his late dog.

Floral Couches is the moniker for psychedelic and soulful pop artist Cody Gray. Previously known for his lo-fi dreamy soundscapes and synth filled music, Gray returns with a new sultry sound as Floral Couches that transports you into a musical void that you won’t want to climb out of. Drawing inspiration from their soul and Motown influences, he infuses his music with a blend of both nostalgic and modern sensibilities.

Hailing originally from the north side of Chicago, Floral Couches began amid the eclectic scene of the city. After the breakup of his previous band, Young Adult, Gray found his own voice while performing all over the city, eventually opening up for acts Sam Evian, Sen Morimoto, and Late Nite Laundry, which profoundly shaped his distinctive style.

Floral Couches’ music travels through the intricacies of human emotion, weaving together themes of love, nostalgia, self-discovery, and bitter reality. His lyrics are a poetic exploration of the human experience, often delving into topics such as the fleeting nature of time and the beauty of everyday moments. His new sound, a fusion of shimmering guitars, luscious horns and flutes, mesmerizing synths, Rhodes keys, and soulful vocals, will both sonically and emotionally treat you. 

Floral Couches is gearing up for an exciting release in 2024 with their upcoming album, Xtra Mild. This upcoming album promises to be a soulful and nostalgic sonic journey, offering listeners an immersive experience that pays homage to their Motown and soul influences.

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