Eric Bellinger Launches “All For Me”

Eric Bellinger Launches “All For Me”

R&B singer and songwriter Eric Bellinger launched a video for his new single, “All For Me” directed by Lil Moviez. Others who took part in the making of the video include guest stars Alycia Bella, Joshua “Jo Jo” Joseph, and Haha Davis. The video, released on November 6th, takes viewers on a cool sci-fi adventure. It begins with a mad scientist in a dark laboratory bringing an alien version of the singer back to life. Next, Eric Bellinger escapes the lab and ventures on a thrilling journey as well as romance. Following that, the singer steals a motorcycle and welcomes his newfound place in the world by living life to the fullest. The video also has a surprise twist viewers just can’t miss.

Furthermore, the singer delivers a heavenly sound with his soothing vocals. And there is a laid-back drum beat with a slow pace great for smooth listening.

Image by photographer, Shaun Andru via Instagram: @shaunandru.
Photo posted by Eric Bellinger on his Instagram: @ericbellinger.

Based upon, Eric Bellinger’s meaning behind the video is to win back an earlier flame by reviving their romance. What’s more, Bellinger wants to confirm his resolve to start over and promises to stay true to no one else but her. Listeners can surely grasp this message through these lyrics:

You know I’m serious ’bout you, babe
Look at the time I spent on you, babe
Can we rewind, get on the same page
I’m trying to make you believe

Watch Eric Bellinger’s new video on YouTube, and tune into his new album, Rebirth 3 available now on all streaming platforms. Also feel free to follow the singer on his Instagram for more music updates etc. @ericbellinger.

“All For Me” posted by Eric Bellinger on You Tube.

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